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To start with, you're here reading about me. You get to hear me rant and give lots of opinions, probably along with some facts too. If you don't like it, that's just fine with me. Don't go flooding my mailbox about it though-- you know what you were getting into! With that... enjoy!

I've got a seperate page for all my constantly changing thoughts, rants, opinions, and, well... STUFF. The link is on the left.

Aliases: continuum, fyzx796, brianw, bwon. If you see one of those, it's probably me.
Where am I: Sovereign-Class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign, Aurora Prime, Outer Rim Territories (Emperor's Hammer)
Flight Leader in Omega Squadron on the SSSD Sovereign.
What I do: Uhhh. Work. Goto school. Post here in my free time.
Interests: Computers, cars, history, engineering, sleep. Stuff I despise: math. I don't mind doing it, but I can't stand spending 2 hours working on math homework...
Preferences/Other Interests: Science fiction is always good. Star Trek, Star Wars... and no, I won't debate you on which is better. Raymond Feist novels. Tom Clancy novels. Talk about Maximas. Sharing information on Ars Technica and Storage Review. Oh. Erasure is good stuff! Very good stuff! So is New Order, Pet Shop Boys, the Cure... I also enjoy electronica and other stuff, but if you catch me buying any CDs, it's likely to be Erasure!
My Computer: My setup-- be it old or new- is HERE. From the DX4-100 to the Pentium-166, to the Pentium-233, to the Celeron 300A@504/2.2v, to the dual Celeron 366@570/2.1v, to the P3-650E@1001/1.70v, to the XP1700 to the XP2500/333/512...
Relations: Uh... none? See my "friends" page for what's there, but generally it's boring.
Some probably unimportant stuff: I'm a democrat... although lately I've been unimpressed by both parties, I like animals- as long as they don't try to eat me-- or maybe even if they do, am allergic to being hit by cars (I tend to bleed and end up with broken bones), I dislike but put up with Macintosh zealots, I detest smoking/various illegal drugs, and for anyone visiting my house (or dorm), I maintain an open-window policy (nice concrete surface to land on). heh.
Other Stuff: I've said enough! Go away!