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The old computers section was horribly outdated. My projects and reviews are still up, though.

More extensive renovation of this section will be limited to review and project additions or updates in the forseeable future as other parts of the website are being worked on.

June 9, 2003: Most of my recent work has been writing for Ars Technica rather than here. Sorry! A few updates here are coming, quite a few reviews have been on the back burner for over a year now...

April 16, 2001: Some commentary, as I've neglected this page far too long: My dual Celeron box may morph into a dual Athlon box, but with AMD's timetable less certain than I would like (aka can I hold off upgrade fever long enough?) I've yet to decide if I want to go dual Athlon or not. My Chenbro Junior box right now has a P3 in it, which looks very tempting for my main box... The power supply comparison, currently with the SPI 350 and SPI 400 watt units should be updated eventually with the Enermax 350 watt (true 350 watts) and Ya Hsin 300 watt (Chenbro stock) power supplies as I now have both units in hand. An Antec KS-288 case review is also waiting for me to write the text to it. It's an inferior case to the KS-282, if you must know my opinion on it. Koolance has a new completely liquid-cooled case out. It's not setup for overclocking, but a fellow Ars Technica user does have a short review of it in the Case and Cooling Fetish forum on Ars. That's all for the moment.