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Diana's Visit

4th of July meant a long weekend, and a chance to look for apartments in Westwood. My apartment hunt was unsuccessful (as was Diana's apartment hunt in Santa Barbara), but we got to hang around in SB, hang around in LA, party for a bit, and embarass Barry repeatedly since it was his birthday weekend. =)

Had yummy sushi, saw a brand-new Ferrari 575M, a Honda Accord that was ghetto enough that the owner used a screwdriver to unlock the door, went to Hooter's for Barry's birthday, and Diana got drunk and puked for the first time.

Quite an eventful weekend, especially since we spent enough time driving that weekend to drive over 1,000 miles.

Some videos are available too, if there's demand for them they will be posted temporarily.

dscf3419.jpg dscf3420.jpg dscf3423.jpg dscf3424.jpg dscf3425.jpg dscf3426.jpg
dscf3428.jpg dscf3430.jpg dscf3431.jpg dscf3433.jpg dscf3434.jpg dscf3435.jpg
dscf3436.jpg dscf3437.jpg dscf3438.jpg dscf3439.jpg dscf3444.jpg dscf3445.jpg
dscf3450.jpg dscf3451.jpg dscf3455.jpg dscf3459.jpg dscf3460.jpg dscf3461.jpg
dscf3462.jpg dscf3463.jpg dscf3464.jpg dscf3465.jpg dscf3466.jpg dscf3468.jpg
dscf3470.jpg dscf3471.jpg dscf3472.jpg dscf3473.jpg dscf3474.jpg dscf3475.jpg
dscf3476.jpg dscf3478.jpg dscf3480.jpg dscf3482.jpg dscf3484.jpg dscf3485.jpg
dscf3486.jpg dscf3487.jpg dscf3488.jpg dscf3489.jpg dscf3492.jpg dscf3493.jpg
dscf3497.jpg dscf3500.jpg dscf3503.jpg dscf3504.jpg dscf3505.jpg dscf3507.jpg
dscf3509.jpg dscf3510.jpg dscf3511.jpg dscf3512.jpg dscf3513.jpg dscf3514.jpg