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Helma's 22nd Birthday

Crazy birthday week around here... I'm dealing with 5 birthdays (actually more) all in the span of 7 days. Fortunately or not, about half of the birthdays aren't local to me so they get to deal with the USPS, and two of the local birthdays had celebrations today, of which I could only make one. =(

Regarding names: if I don't have your name- I think I only forgot one person's name who was in any of my pictures- or if I have misspelled it, my apologies! I'm horrible with names, if you haven't noticed! Shoot me an e-mail and I'll fix things.

Somehow I heard from Helma it was only 8 people coming the day before... a few hours before, Erik said the reservation was for 18! while we were executing our plan to pick up a birthday cake at Ralph's. Oops... well, we bought a cake anyway. Everyone just got to eat really small slices! Picked up Teresa and Anil from De Neve, then wandered over to Miyagi's. Turns out 2 other carloads of people were right behind us- literally- so almost everyone showed up at the same time. COOL! Good start to the night... considering how much of a disaster it usually is for us. heh heh.

Uju and Anil watched the Laker game downstairs and proceeded to completely fool us with the score after it was over... meanwhile, we ordered mixed drinks and sake bombs before our meal. I didn't go completely crazy with sushi this time, although the spicy tuna rolls I got this time were pretty dinky compared to before. Tempura rolls, in tofu, chicken, and shrimp form, were especially popular tonight. Along with a drink special from one of the bartenders named Joe- I forget the name. Suffice it to say, we had plenty of fun and good food, and as usual figuring out the bill was lots of fun too...

Cake cutting was interesting. Don't stand next to 22 lit candles, or try to light 22 candles. =D

More people showed up later-- Dave, plus some other SC people whose names (except for a Steve, I think) I have since forgotten. People started drifting off and going home, while the rest of us hit the bar/dance floor upstairs... only it's more a bar than a dance floor, and no one was dancing. Ick! The night was lots of fun, but the lack of excitement upstairs, no free mochi ice cream, and Jennifer's stolen wallet dampened things a bit. =( On the upside, my upcoming birthday slipped under everyone's radar as the alcohol fog picked up. =)

Erik, Helma, Teresa, Anil, and Uju headed to Dublin's across the street sometime past midnight... I have no idea how much more fun they had there... but I had other parties to go to. =)

Jennifer, firing one of the first snapshots of the night...
Ryan, Jennifer, Uju
Teresa, Anil, Helma, Erik, Brian
Jen, Helma, Ryan
Carla, Helma, Jen
*glup* Sake Bomb!
Jen's the other victim...
Jennifer and Helma
Anil, front and center
Mmmm, food! Helma, Jennifer, Jen
Uju and Anil
Vartan (sp?)
Helma and Dave
Ryan, Helma
Brian, Mary Ann (sp?)
Happy Birthday Helma
22 candles gave off intense heat!
22 candles don't blow out easily either!
Dave licking frosting off a candle
Anil licking frosting off another candle
Uju taking care of a third candle
Cutting the cake
Birthday presents!
Mary Ann (sp?), Carla, Jen
Jennifer's head, Teresa
SC whackos (bad picture, sorry!)
Helma, Vartan, Erik, Anil (in front)
Helma, Jen, Mary Ann (sp?), Carla
Upstairs in the bar, Dave, Uju, Helma, Erik, Anil's head
Cooling off outside. Teresa, Helma
Helma and Erik
Jennifer, threatening the camera...
Anil, Uju, Erik