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Anil's 21st Birthday

First time at Miyagi's for most of us, actually. =) Two birthday parties at the same time, actually. Can't forget about Mike's 21st birthday, too!! Happy Birthday Mike! His party was separate though- our group would have been unmanageable had both groups been combined!

Started off with a screwup, somehow Anil said he had a party of 30 and we got there late, and even worse no reservation... what the heck? Not too big of a deal though since it was so early. Anil, Alicia, Nick, Helma, Erik, Teresa (Theresa?), Jen, and I headed upstairs to the bar to wait for the rest of Anil's friends to arrive. Early enough so that there were no carding hassles or anything, either.

Had a drink or so each while waiting an hour for everyone to arrive; turns out some of them were underaged so they had to wait outside- they started carding and wouldn't let them in unless we had a table. Fortunately that was no problem, got our group of 13 seated at the small hidden alcove on the bottom floor, and proceeded to socialize, forget everyone's names (again and again)... and order way too much sushi. =D

By the time we finished dinner, Mike's party had joined us and Dave and a few others joined us. LOTS of fun.

Only strange thing was that it all ended by 1am or so. Too much work to do, not enough time to dedicate to the party. Plus, Anil had more friends to party with. =) It was a fun, if expensive night because of my sushi habits

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