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President's Day Weekend

Nick C. and his friend Holly came up from San Diego, while most of the people we know in Los Angeles went home for the long weekend. That left... well, Pete, Erik, Brian, Nick, Nick C., Holly, and not a whole lot of others. Nick and Nick C. (aka BS and Einstein, according to Nick) spent the entire weekend playing games, while at night everyone came over and played drinking games ('cept Erik, who chose to be a hermit playing some old, but really good RPG on his computer). As it turns out that was about the entire weekend. What Holly did during the day, I have no idea... we did drag out all the drinking games Pete knew- Golf, Drunk Driver, King's Cup, Presidents... instead of the usual "play King's Cup until everyone is drunk". =)

Also, rebuilt two computers and spent way too much time with them this weekend. Ah well.

dscf0701.jpg dscf0702.jpg dscf0703.jpg dscf0704.jpg dscf0706.jpg dscf0707.jpg
dscf0708.jpg dscf0709.jpg dscf0710.jpg dscf0711.jpg dscf0712.jpg dscf0714.jpg
dscf0716.jpg dscf0717.jpg dscf0718.jpg dscf0721.jpg dscf0722.jpg dscf0723.jpg
dscf0724.jpg dscf0725.jpg dscf0726.jpg dscf0727.jpg dscf0728.jpg dscf0729.jpg
dscf0731.jpg dscf0735.jpg dscf0737.jpg dscf0738.jpg dscf0739.jpg dscf0740.jpg
dscf0741.jpg dscf0742.jpg dscf0744.jpg dscf0747.jpg dscf0748.jpg dscf0749.jpg
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