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Theresa's Visit

Well, Theresa finally graduated from Davis and finally decided to spend time with her friends again. =)

She and her significant other, Jason came down this weekend to see The Lion King... slept on Barry's floor in the living room (heh!), and generally crowded the apartment. Went to dim sum (yum cha) with May and Thomas, the only members of the old Fyzx Crew we could find on such short notice, and hung around at Ackerman shooting pool, then at May's place on Saturday. Dinner that night was a Chinese New Year's dinner a la Barry, and Barry's bro Jason as well as his friend Alice came over. Thomas and May couldn't make it- contrary to Thomas' earlier statement that he wanted to drink with all of us- so we ended up with 7 people over and lots of video games and looking at pictures from my collection.

The next morning was driving Barry to work, then Brian and May taking Theresa and Jason to Cheesecake Factory for Theresa's birthday! Happy Birthday, Theresa! (crap, as of this writing her birthday gift has yet to be mailed out. Oops! o_O ) Then... well... Theresa and Jason were left to explore LA and see Lion King, while the rest of us, being UCLA students, went to go study.

Good to know everyone is still as zany and loony as we were in high school, and it was good to meet Jason and find out that Theresa's did well for herself at Davis. Unlike high school though, we're no longer playing pool weekly, so the quality of our game was pretty disgusting now. hehe. Caught up on what little we knew about the rest of the Fyzx Crew, too. At least a few of us are still in touch. =)

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