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Theresa's Graduation Party

Well... Theresa (Quyen) graduated fall quarter from Davis, but she thought everyone forgot about her graduation. Not so. She just has sly siblings and a tricky boyfriend who read e-mail addresses over her shoulder to let all of her friends know they were planning a graduation party for her!

The party itself was at Teresa's fiance's apartment. Hien, Andrew, Tuan, Teresa, Mary, and a bunch of people Barry and I didn't know where there. It was fun, but we had to leave all too early to go back to Los Angeles that night- hence the lack of pictures... Also, there wasn't anywhere to park and hide our cars, so Theresa knew we were there. Especially when we turned the light off as they drove up the street, and she could smell the BBQ. OOPS! They cooked up a storm, too. Lobster, huge sushi platter, short ribs, jello, and probably a bunch of stuff that I missed. We all signed a card for Theresa, too. =) And yes, it's still weird calling her Quyen. Being an old high school friend, she's Theresa in my mind (and Barry, and May, and Thomas, and everyone else related to Fyzx Crew)... old habits will not die!

Still, the remaining surprise was still enough. Talk about flashbacks from high school with Andrew, Barry, Tuan, and Brian inside... =

It was really good to see everyone! Hadn't seen Hien more than once or twice since high school, hadn't seen Andrew since summer 2000 or so, and Tuan was never close to Fyzx Crew so we never saw much of him to begin with. People have changed, but much of it is the same... and it's good to know we're all still around, even if it's not very much these days...

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