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Yes, they wanted to dance...

First off is pictures from the night before... Majed and his brother Rashad, and Erik, Katie, and I, went to go see Training Day at the $2.50 movie theatre. Decent movie, lousy icees. Then to Denny's to chat... the next day, we ran into Philip outside, before Gina and I had to take down the Christmas tree.

Jimmie, Erik, Constant, and I were going to hang out one last time before Erik and I had to go back to school... instead of coffee and whatever, we ended up at a family friend of the Bannister's house, Leslie. Two of Jimmie's sisters, Laura and Nellie, were already there, enjoying Bloody Marys with Leslie in the Santa Cruz mountains.

We built a fire, went for a midnight walk in the woods (no, Erik didn't get killed by an axe murderer), where a combination of trees blown over by storms and only a handful of flashlights made things interesting! Upon our return, Erik and Jimmie proceeded to get drunk enough to want to dance until past 4am... and to confuse the heck out of Brian and Constant with semi-intoxicated 4:30am ramblings! It was a fun night... and not especially conductive to things like sanity! =)

Getting up something like 4 hours later wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't bad either considering I was basically sober the whole night, constantly expecting to have to be the one to drive home that night... =)

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