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New Year's Eve 2001
And New Year's Day 2002

Sort of a quiet New Year's Eve. Way too much food as usual, and definitely not quiet... but compared to the 1,000 miles of driving Barry and I had just done, it was a LOT less crazy than running back and forth from LA to San Jose!!

Alicia drove up from Bakersfield on the 31st, in the midst of Gina baking something for her friends' party and Brian preparing the fruit salad, veggie platter, jello, and other yummy snacks including far too much alcohol. (it really worried the parents later... hee hee OOPS!)

The original plan was to get dinner before the party, but because no one showed up aside from Dave and Alicia, we were lame and decided to get Taco Bell (!) while people like Erik and Helma got actual dinner from Erik's family. We didn't even need Taco Bell as it turned out... we had soooo much food leftover in the end...

People slowly wandered in throughout the night. Aaron and his friend came, as did Constant, Nick, Anita and RC, and a couple others... but Erik and Helma were no where to be found! They eventually showed up (one at a time!), as did Jimmie, Valerie, and Alisa Izu's sister (I forget her name, too). Things got going by then, but this was one of the slowest-starting parties I've had in a while. Ended good, though, and as usual it continued into the next day!

Erik and Helma were delayed because, returning late from another party, Helma's car got a flat tire. They drove back to the other party and called us for a ride back. Turns out they were in the middle of nowhere (aka downtown Saratoga), Helma was already sick, so after 90 minutes just Erik came back with us. GRRRRRR!!!! Spent plenty of time relaxing and enjoying everyones' company, even by the time it was 4am!

Erik picked up Helma later that night... but anyway, the next day: Alicia and Dave left after my parents cooked up a storm for breakfast. =) Erik, Helma, and I took care of Helma's car and then headed up to see Nick and Jesse (and their three cats and their dog!) for dinner, which was lots of fun. Cheese and Nimbus going beserk over the laser pointer provided good opportunities to test the video mode of my new digital camera. =)

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