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Party party party...
Before finals take it all away...

A potluck at Sophia, Grace, and Carley's place before finals in Fall 2001... met Mike, Scott, a couple others who I knew before, and a whole bunch of new people whose names I've forgotten. Oops!

A college party. Fun, pimping pictures *ahem*Carley*ahem*, good food... the only strange thing was, no alcohol. No one brought any, and when I saw that I decided to leave my piddly little 12-pack of Pacifico in the trunk. : It was good to hang out with Sophia, Grace, and Carley, though, since I hadn't seen much of them all year. Grace's "Spam bed, stinky donkey, or bagpipes?" t-shirt was fun, too. Make a choice of what bad thing you'd like to have in your life: forced to sleep on a spam bed, forced to use a stinky donkey as your only transportation, or forced to have bagpipes announce you everywhere you went... what would YOU choose?

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