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Halloween 2001

A little party at Erik's place, the weekend before Halloween: the acknowledgement to reality that we all had classes to deal with on the actual day of Halloween!

It was a costume party complete with prizes for best costume. Alicia won that- she came dressed as a lawyer, so surprising everyone because she wasn't in a t-shirt and jeans and she actually looked like a girl! Imagine the complete surprise on some of our faces. Mike took 2nd place as a mad scientist, complete with plans to destroy the world. hehehhe...

Party itself wasn't too crazy, and it was finished off with a 2am run to Del Taco for food. Definitely not a good idea with classes on Monday, but no one said common sense was running strong at the time!

Let's see who showed up... Joel, Shavesh (sp?), Anil, Nick, Pete, Sarah (sp?), Mike, Dennis, Van, Jen (one of Helma's three Jens), "Dawson", Dave, and probably a few others I've skipped. Oh. No pictures of me... I think Alicia has some, but I don't know if she has a scanner.

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