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Labor Day Weekend

Lots of things this weekend...

First, the Wheelers threw a party, inviting all of their son Charles' friends over in memory and celebration. It's really something to see everyone there... and definitely something else when I see people I haven't seen in years. BBQ, party, look over pictures... People still come together to remember. Hard to believe it was only 6 months ago...

Second, more Labor Day weekend stuff to prevent Erik from finishing his fence. The Yee's threw a party as well, and unlike the usual, I was invited and allowed to come along. It was surpising to see people from Piedmont Hills High School when I walked in the door. Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) caught Katie and Erik, both before and after swimming in the beautiful new pool. There are some other pictures, but these are all censor approved. =) The Yee's cook a nice steak as well: the food was excellent! Unfortunately, Erik and I lost Constant in the process-- he was going out with his parents and somehow we just never hooked up for the stop at the pub... =(

Finally, a quick stop at an Irish pub in Campbell before the long weekend was over. Met with Savvas, Mustafa, Majed, Jimmie, and a few others. Had my Caffery's Irish Ale... mmmm!

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