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Late at Night

I had no idea Santa Clara/Sunnyvale had so large of a Korean area on El Camino Real, from Fremont Ave. to past Lawrence Expressway. A few karaoke places and a few strip malls which I knew of, but a few bars interspersed with smattering of Japanese restaurants too? Imagine my surprise.

We met up with a bunch of Rachel's friends at a bar and had a few drinks. Dried squid was an interesting snack. So-ju (sp?) wasn't nearly as nasty as what I had been led to believe, although Barry felt its effects. Some varieties of Korean beer I hadn't heard of before either-- I confess to ignorance on this account, as the beer I drink is usually American or European in heritage (mmm, I wish I had Caffery's that night...) Headed over to the karaoke place a while later. Some of Rachel's friends really could sing, while I did my usual picture taking and singing in my mundane English! Fun... but it was marred by constant cell phone calls and an early return home.

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