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Erik's Fashion Show

aka the raiding of the closet with a mixture of bad and good `70's clothing.

I don't know where this all came from... but I guess Erik's parents kept a lot of stuff from the 70's around! It was Erik, Jimmie, Pete, and I having a few beers and some Bicardi when we started getting cold. Erik raided the closet, of course... and for good measure, Barry and Rachel dropped by since they had nothing else to do. That, umm, made things interesting. We looked ridiculous...

p7284235.jpg p7284237.jpg p7284239.jpg p7284240.jpg
p7284241.jpg p7284242.jpg p7284243.jpg p7284244.jpg
p7284245.jpg p7284246.jpg p7284247.jpg p7284248.jpg
p7284249.jpg p7284250.jpg p7284252.jpg p7284253.jpg
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