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Majed's Birthday

Majed's birthday dinner... Erik and I hauled our butts up to Berkeley to meet with Beth, Majed, and Constant. Simple things... waited for Jimmie, but never met up with him-- he was working really late. Drove into San Francisco, had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We were going to head over to North Beach, but our stomachs said otherwise! Stopped at the Metereon on the way back... Constant and I found one of the basketball games there was free. Shot hoops like crazy. :-)

Piled back into the Maxima, the usual sexual advances between Majed, Constant, Erik, and I just to keep everyone on their toes (kidding! sheesh! for you prudes out there, it's perfectly normal behavior among us four straight guys. I think Majed and Constant just need attention, that's all)... ended up back in Berkeley. Saw Savvas for the first time in what seemed to be years-- he's doing good, although MCAT preparations have been his life lately. Chilled for a bit, then headed home with Erik-- it was 1am by then, and I had work in the morning. Actually so did Majed, but I don't know what he did back there. Hope he made it to work on time!

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