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Partying, improved

Improvements from last week's party:

  1. More people. Yes, LOTS more people. And it was good.
  2. BBQ beforehand (aka no hungry people). Barry still needs to learn to BBQ, but we can work on that!
  3. Good looking people. :-)
  4. Better alcohol supply (still sucked though, I need to get these people to pay me first, not later...)
  5. More fun. Some went a little crazy, especially the people shotgunning beers.

Started things at Barry's house. As usual he was only about half-prepared. Raided my backyard for just about everything except the BBQ. *sigh* He did properly light the grill this time though. Yay! People slowly drifted in. Patrick and Jimmy were the first there, then I showed up with the alcohol in the trunk. Jenny (one of three that night) and her friend Adrea? (sp?) showed up, Chapman and his buddies, Erik and Jimmie, Rachel, Alice, John, and a whole ton of people. Ate yummy BBQ (just needed a better chef), played a little basketball, then headed over to Patrick's apartment. 48 cans of MGD and 3x750mL containers of alcohol, plus alcohol that was already there and lots of juice. Combine with people who like to shotgun beers and people who don't know their limits, and it was good.

Jimmie and I played designated drivers, which was good because we had to make an alcohol run in the middle of the party. Took lots of pictures... ended up late that night with the 9 or 10 of us who was left at Denny's... then back to Patrick's to reorganize and then go home. It was fun.

p7143830.jpg p7143831.jpg p7143835.jpg p7143836.jpg p7143838.jpg p7143842.jpg
p7143847.jpg p7143849.jpg p7143852.jpg p7143853.jpg p7143854.jpg p7143855.jpg
p7143859.jpg p7143861.jpg p7143862.jpg p7143863.jpg p7143864.jpg p7143865.jpg
p7143867.jpg p7143868.jpg p7143878.jpg p7143880.jpg p7143885.jpg p7143886.jpg
p7143889.jpg p7143890.jpg p7143891.jpg p7143892.jpg p7143893.jpg p7143894.jpg
p7143895.jpg p7143898.jpg p7143901.jpg p7143902.jpg p7143905.jpg p7143908.jpg
p7143909.jpg p7143910.jpg p7143913.jpg p7143915.jpg p7143916.jpg p7143917.jpg
p7143919.jpg p7143920.jpg p7143921.jpg p7143922.jpg p7153923.jpg p7153924.jpg
p7153926.jpg p7153928.jpg p7153930.jpg p7153931.jpg p7153932.jpg p7153936.jpg
p7153938.jpg p7153939.jpg p7153945.jpg p7153947.jpg p7153948.jpg p7153950.jpg
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