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TWO Birthdays!

Yep, celebrating two birthdays here. Met lots of new people-- and I mean a lot. Interesting people too, such as Patrick (originally from Texas), Lisa (cooking student), along with a smattering of locals such as Barry and I to keep things grounded in reality. Well, mostly grounded in reality. In celebration of the two birthdays, lots of people got totally screwed up and for the most part we ended up heading home after 4am.

Some notes:

  1. Tequila is not my friend (evidently it's not Lisa's friend either, maybe it's Barry's friend though).
  2. Limes make tequila much more friendly.
  3. These parties can be damn expensive if you're the only one there who can buy alcohol. (aka I'm still waiting to get paid back!)
  4. There are some NICE apartments near the Capitol Expressway Automall!
  5. I wish I had a 1.5mbit SDSL line (pr0n at unbelievable speeds!).

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