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Fourth of July 2001

For once, something nice and simple. Mom and dad invited family friends over for a BBQ, and the kids left after the BBQ to go see fireworks. Gina and her friends ran off to watch from the top of a hill while Erik, Barry, Amanda, Katie, and I headed over to Great America to go watch fireworks. Well, it was almost that simple. I picked up Amanda earlier that afternoon and we watched a movie to enjoy the air conditioning at AMC. Unfortunately we made a slight mistake-- A.I. was sold out, everything we wanted to see was sold out, so instead we picked "Crazy" on the ticket buying screen... and got to find out that Crazy/Beautiful was a chick flick... and it was a pretty horrible one. (if you haven't seen it, DON'T SEE IT)

BBQ was good... fireworks were good too. By the time the BBQ started it was no longer burning hot, which was a big help! We were supposed to meet up with Jimmie and his family, but it was just too crowded so we ended up watching fireworks and throwing firecrackers over by Nortel. Fireworks were good-- but compared to last year's mayhem at Santa Cruz, it was kind of tame. Ended up having to pick up Gina and her friends from Evergreen after that... ugh! It was a fun night though, especially considering the effort involved on my part-- basically zero. :-)

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