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Brian's Birthday

Umm... my birthday! We were going to go to Miyake's in Palo Alto, but a last-minute plan change had us heading up to Oakland to pick up Beth and Zoe, then to a Pakistani (? or was it something else?) restaurant in San Francisco for dinner and hookah. Majed, Jimmie, Constant, and I... well not Majed since it seemed to be 1/2 his idea, but the three of us found it pretty random! Kinda neat with the flavors, but the pictures were more fun. Food was good too!

Then to Berkeley... played Ultimate Frisbee in the dark, on asphalt near park benches. Not very smart, but fun. Majed and I could not throw a frisbee straight though! Argh! Went to the nearby gas station for caffeine, then visited Constant's little palace, er, apartment. His place is waaay too nice... played some board games (tried to- I can't remember the name!), some darts... then went home. Well, sort of. Had to drop Beth and Zoe off... so going home was a little adventure in itself! Fun though... :-)

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