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Of friends, alcohol, and Maximas...

Umm... not much needs to be said here. If you weren't around, you weren't around. Dave had his twin brother Alan (Allen?) over, Joel had his booty-deprived friend Scott over (he fixed that that weekend!), and I checked out a fine specimen of an A32 platform Nissan.

Sushi, Alpha Epsilon Pi party (in the rain, ACK! also no pics from that, sorry!), 2 hours (or more! we literally HAD NO IDEA how long we were in there!) in the hot tub... very good weekend.

p4192651.jpg p4192652.jpg p4192653.jpg p4192654.jpg p4192655.jpg p4192656.jpg
p4192657.jpg p4192658.jpg p4192659.jpg p4192660.jpg p4192661.jpg p4192662.jpg
p4192663.jpg p4192664.jpg p4192666.jpg p4192667.jpg p4192668.jpg p4192670.jpg
p4192671.jpg p4192672.jpg p4192673.jpg p4192674.jpg p4192675.jpg p4192676.jpg
p4192677.jpg p4192678.jpg p4192679.jpg p4192680.jpg p4192681.jpg p4192682.jpg
p4192683.jpg p4192684.jpg p4192685.jpg p4192686.jpg p4192687.jpg p4192688.jpg
p4192689.jpg p4192690.jpg p4192691.jpg p4192692.jpg p4192693.jpg p4192694.jpg
p4192695.jpg p4202696.jpg p4202697.jpg p4202698.jpg p4202699.jpg p4202702.jpg
p4202715.jpg p4202716.jpg p4202717.jpg p4202721.jpg p4212722.jpg p4212723.jpg
p4212724.jpg p4212725.jpg p4212726.jpg p4212727.jpg p4212729.jpg p4212730.jpg
p4212733.jpg p4212734.jpg p4212735.jpg p4212736.jpg p4212737.jpg p4212739.jpg
p4212740.jpg p4212741.jpg p4212742.jpg p4212743.jpg p4212744.jpg p4212745.jpg
p4212746.jpg p4212747.jpg p4222748.jpg p4222749.jpg p4222750.jpg p4222751.jpg
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