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Isabel the cat and Erik's family...

This page should have gone up weeks ago, but I've been busy. Technically, Erik's grandmother and uncle went to visit him at UCLA, coming down with him after Christmas Break. We showed them around a little bit, but mostly the pictures ended up being of Helma's cat-- as we've seen about every square inch of UCLA, what else was there to take pictures of? It didn't help that after dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Erik and I ended up at Helma's place... and the next morning Erik's mom never called us until after lunch. Go figure!

The pictures shall commence now. Isabel was still a little kitty in January when these were taken, so she's different now. The other cat is Cruise, Helma's apartment-mate Dara's cat.

p1051683.jpg p1051686.jpg p1051687.jpg p1051688.jpg p1051689.jpg
p1051701.jpg p1051738.jpg p1051739.jpg p1051740.jpg p1051741.jpg
p1051742.jpg p1051743.jpg p1051744.jpg p1051746.jpg p1051747.jpg
p1051748.jpg p1051749.jpg p1051750.jpg p1051751.jpg p1051752.jpg
p1051754.jpg p1051755.jpg p1051756.jpg p1051757.jpg p1051758.jpg
p1051759.jpg p1051760.jpg p1061761.jpg p1061762.jpg p1061763.jpg
p1061764.jpg p1061778.jpg p1061780.jpg p1061781.jpg p1061782.jpg
p1061784.jpg p1061796.jpg p1061797.jpg p1061798.jpg p1061799.jpg
p1061800.jpg p1061801.jpg p1061802.jpg
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