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New Year's Day 2001

Waking up after the New Year's Eve party, I found Helma playing a worm in her sleeping bag, sliding down the stairs. Erik attempted to be a worm as well, but as you can tell from my stairs, they're rather short and didn't work too well!

We took off, discovered some carnage outside (more later on that), and then headed up to Nick's house so we could meet his cats and his family. After an encounter with a kitty with razor sharp claws, his dog, and a 17lb cat (!), all of us headed into Walnut Creek for a late lunch. Dave, Helma, Erik, Erik's sister Katie, Nick's sister (sorry, can't remember her name!), Nick, and I circled downtown endlessly looking for a diner that was open, and eventually ended up at Mel's. Reasonably good food and it was the ONLY diner open. Geez!

Nick, Nick's sister and Dave went home after the late lunch at Mel's, and Erik, Helma, Katie and I headed back to my house. My parents had their New Year's party going... some relatives, lots of family friends, and more food! My dad's friend Michael (I think that's his name) brought his young son along, who kept Helma entertained while Erik and I struggled to find people to talk to. Ah well... it was fun!

And yes, there's still something I need to add...

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