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New Year's Eve 2000

Aka New Year's Party version 4.0...

Almost didn't plan to have a New Year's party this year, but some LA'ers requested it-- and the one who made noise about it first, Helma, wavered on the rest of us about coming. heh. (just couldn't let you off easy)

Nick, Dave (aka hairless Dave), Erik, and Helma showed up first... then Kim, Billy, Viet, and Amy came. Everyone so far is a UCLA student... but eventually two Cal students made an appearance, Jen and then Constant. My parents made some yummy chicken wings, jello, and BBQ'ed veggies... mmmmmmmmmm...

Not a whole lot else to say, other than that it was fun! Picked on Helma too much as usual, watched parts of Fight Club, Grosse Point Blank, The Wild Bunch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. We never could sit down and watch an entire movie... hehe! Also, all the Skyy Vodka got locked at Barry's house, so we didn't have anything for the sour pucker. :-( Helma tried to make a creative drink for Nick to drink, but when word got out that she had put butter in it, he refused to drink it-- heck everyone refused to drink it!!

When midnight came, my parents broke out the wineglasses. We finished a bottle of Cook's champagne-- at 11:59:20 I found myself frantically reaching for the nearest bottle of fizzy stuff and at 11:59:22 I was desperately trying to open a bottle of sparkling cider for the toast at midnight... I just barely made it!

Eventually people cleared out and left, but of the first group who arrived, we all stayed. I ended up breaking out the sleeping bags for Dave and Nick.... we woke up in the morning and did more, but that'll come later... Oh, Helma developed an obsession for close-up shots, so if you see any truly scary pictures, she was probably involved in the taking of them...

pc311381.jpg pc311382.jpg pc311383.jpg pc311380.jpg pc311384.jpg pc311385.jpg
pc311386.jpg pc311387.jpg pc311395.jpg pc311396.jpg pc311399.jpg pc311403.jpg
pc311405.jpg pc311409.jpg pc311410.jpg pc311411.jpg pc311413.jpg pc311415.jpg
pc311417.jpg pc311418.jpg pc311420.jpg pc311421.jpg pc311423.jpg pc311424.jpg
pc311425.jpg pc311426.jpg pc311427.jpg pc311428.jpg pc311430.jpg pc311431.jpg
pc311438.jpg pc311440.jpg pc311442.jpg pc311443.jpg pc311444.jpg pc311445.jpg
pc311446.jpg pc311447.jpg pc311449.jpg pc311450.jpg p1011452.jpg p1011453.jpg
p1011454.jpg p1011455.jpg p1011456.jpg p1011457.jpg p1011458.jpg p1011459.jpg
p1011461.jpg p1011462.jpg p1011463.jpg p1011464.jpg p1011465.jpg p1011466.jpg
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