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Christmas Party

Christmas Day is traditionally reserved for family gatherings. Christmas night, on the other hand...... :-)

Had a party at Barry's house, since his parents were gone. My mom wasn't home and my dad didn't seem to mind... also, we were going on a ski trip the next day, and since everyone who was going was at the party, it was easier for everyone to just go to the party, sleep there, and then go. Of course, waking up after staying up late and drinking was more difficult than expected...

One thing I learned that night: stay away from Bicardi 151. I had a straight shot of that-- wasn't too bad, but had some other stuff afterwards and determined that consuming that (x) amount of alcohol in so short a time was not the smartest thing to do.

Fortunately no ill effects were encountered and the picture-taking continued unhindered.

Hmm. Let's see... we had UCLA'ers there... plus some other people... plus more UCLA'ers... plus some other people.... oh yeah, a few Cal people too, but except for Jenny, they all hid upstairs. One of Jenny's friends who was going to go skiing with us went home with a toothache instead, though. Huong also showed up briefly (no pics this time, I was downing the said Bicardi 151 shot while she was there), as did Elizabeth and then one or two other people. I did bother to learn everyone's name who was there, but in my usual fashion I forgot most people's names within 5 minutes.

Before the party, Erik and I ran around like crazy, because we decided to rent movies to watch... we had Gone in 60 Seconds, but it was VHS and Barry didn't have a VCR for us to use. Trekking to Blockbuster and Hollywood, none of them had a DVD version. 45 minutes of running around ended up with Erik and I going back to Erik's house to grab Gone in 60 Seconds again, and me going to my house and stealing one of our VCRs. :

Anyway. It was fun. It just made waking up to go skiing in the morning postively brutal.

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