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Hot Pot City and Clubbing?...

Well, no actual photos from clubbing at Limelight... didn't bring the camera and was too busy dancing anyway.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Coming back a few days late for Winter Break, Andi had decided to come up with Barry to visit one of her friends up here. Very short visit, less than 3 days. As far as I can tell, they drove up on Monday morning (yeah, I'm out of the loop, so is Helma these days. So sue me!), we went out to Hot Pot City that evening... then the next evening was clubbing.

Andi's friend Rachel came down to go with us, then sometime this week both of them are going back to LA. Or something. Anyway, clubbing at "D Tour" at Limelight was fun. Too many dirty looks going around, but was lots of fun.... I guess Andi had to make her personal space known or something first, because she didn't look happy; made everyone wonder what was going on for a while there, including me. (I was wondering how the heck I could have pissed someone off that fast... eeeek! Fortunately my fears were groundless...) Plenty of music to hype the crowd and several raised platforms to dance on meant that a few of us ended up with bumped heads. All part of the risk, I guess! Still, lots of fun, despite having to drag myself out of bed the next morning after only 5 hours of sleep-- Barry slept til 4pm (11 hours!) somehow!!!! Oh yeah, it was also cold outside, and, uh, exposed skin wasn't a good thing. Barry and I at least had the benefit of long sleeves and pants, Andi and Rachel basically had to stand behind us and try not to freeze...

Driving back home, the three passengers ended up debating on sexual experiences and preferences. As I had no input to give, I drove and had Barry take notes. (just kidding... SHEESH!) anyway, on to the pictures!

pc181008.jpg pc181029.jpg pc181030.jpg pc181031.jpg pc181032.jpg
pc191050.jpg pc191051.jpg pc201052.jpg pc201053.jpg pc201054.jpg
pc201055.jpg pc201056.jpg pc201057.jpg
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