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Alex's Visit...

Still not quite sure how Barry met Alex, but whatever. I'm pretty sure I've got it down, I'm just not sure why Alex was visiting. Evidently right after spring quarter ended, Alex persuaded her parents to let her spend a week or two up in Northern California with relatives.

Since it was right after finals, we did the usual things... hit San Francisco, watched movies, played pool (camera flashes are generally frowned upon in pool halls, hence no pictures there), and celebrated Father's Day-- those pictures are removed since they are personal. We also had a drinking party and card games, of which I found it somewhat difficult to drink anything since I rarely lost. muhahahahhahaha.... For fun, the last picture is a composite image of the Nordstrom's and its mall in San Francisco. Some rapid-fire sequences (potential stop-frame animation) have been edited out as well.

Fear not. You still get a majority of the interesting stuff we did, including some nasty steak at TGI Friday's, inside the Sony Metreon and AMC Mercado 20, and other generally embarassing images including a nice picture of Jenny and Alex, who ended up as twins by accident. Weird! Neat! As a disclaimer to the concerned parties: my little sister did NOT have anything to drink! Hmm. Final notes... the 2nd and 3rd to last shots are at ~4am, I think. Note that unlike Barry and I, Alex would not scare little children. (by then, Barry and I were barely awake...)

p6161491.jpg p6161492.jpg p6171493.jpg p6171494.jpg p6171495.jpg
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p6171574.jpg p6171596.jpg p6171615.jpg p6171616.jpg p6171620.jpg
p6171621.jpg p6171623.jpg p6171624.jpg p6171625.jpg p6171628.jpg
p6171629.jpg p6181634.jpg p6181635.jpg p6181636.jpg p6181647.jpg
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