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Brian's 20th Birthday

What else would it be? Forgot to grab pictures of the cake or a group photo, but this will have to do! The cast here, in order of appearance:

  • Erik, my roommate and friend from back home... (need I say more?)
  • Alicia, who was practicing being a fish...
  • Dave (aka "hairless dave") who was just practicing weird faces...
  • Helma (aka the big blur in the 6th picture) who IS a fish (-face making expert)...
  • Nick, who's sticking his tongue out...
  • Amit, who's laughing at, uh, something...
  • Joel, who's trying to look distinguished with chocolate frosting from the cake...
  • Barry, my bro from back home...
  • And a group shot in Barry's room with his roommate Sam.
It was obviously funny face night. My point the eyes one direction and the tongue the other doesn't work as well as I thought, especially since I can't control my ears or eyebrows at the same time... and there were some other people there (Helma's roommate Laurie and some others), but they all disappeared before the camera showed up. :) A few others didn't make it as well, since it was during finals. (yes, the problem of June birthdays... ugh!) That would include Thomas, Sophia, Viet, Billy, Kim, and a whole mess of others.....

p6101409.jpg p6101410.jpg p6101413.jpg p6101415.jpg p6101416.jpg
p6101417.jpg p6101418.jpg p6101419.jpg p6101420.jpg p6101421.jpg
p6101422.jpg p6101423.jpg p6101424.jpg p6101425.jpg p6101426.jpg
p6101427.jpg p6101428.jpg p6101430.jpg p6101431.jpg p6101432.jpg
p6101433.jpg p6101434.jpg p6101436.jpg p6111437.jpg p6111438.jpg
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