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New Year's Eve 1999/New Year's 2000 pictures. Andrew, Jen, Alicia, Nick, Helma, my sister Gina, Barry, Linda, and I were there for the New Year's Eve part. We did what seem to be the usual college things, well all except Andrew because of the misinformation planted in him by the alcohol awareness programs of today's society. (that was corrected in October of this year, finally!)

Much fun with Puzzle Fighter was also had... uhh... just don't ask Helma about it. Muhahahhahahahah!!! Erik showed up the next day as well... :)

dcp0867.jpg dcp0869.jpg dcp0870.jpg dcp0871.jpg
dcp0873.jpg dcp0874.jpg dcp0877.jpg dcp0880.jpg
dcp0881.jpg dcp0882.jpg dcp0883.jpg dcp0884.jpg
dcp0885.jpg dcp0886.jpg dcp0889.jpg dcp0890.jpg
dcp0894.jpg dcp0895.jpg dcp0896.jpg dcp0897.jpg
dcp0899edited.jpg dcp0900.jpg dcp0901.jpg dcp0902.jpg
dcp0904.jpg dcp0905.jpg dcp0906.jpg dcp0907.jpg
dcp0908.jpg dcp0909.jpg dcp0910.jpg dcp0911.jpg
dcp0915.jpg dcp0916.jpg dcp0917.jpg dcp0921.jpg
dcp0923.jpg dcp0925.jpg
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