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Well, everyone who's around at the moment. It's amazing how many friends you make in college, and how hard it is to keep track of all of them even a year later when you're still all in the same college, just with new addresses and phone numbers! Yes, life is just that big and that crazy now. I wish I had time to keep in touch with everyone, so for now here's everyone I still do keep in touch with.

I see or talk to these people about as often as you can get...

  • Alicia, who I met at freshman orientation, the summer before freshman year. Wow that's a long time ago... work and all her crazy upper-div MAE classes mean I don't see too much of her, but it seems that that's life. Ick.
  • Constant has been at Berkeley with Majed, Jimmie, Jen Cruz, and my little sis for the last couple years now. Erik and I made a beeline for UCLA and they made a beeline for Berkeley. I don't know what he does in Berkeley, but it seems that he's doing well!
  • Eileen is Barry's girlfriend... I'm not sure where she spends more time sleeping, Barry's place or her place. She's cool, and it seems that when I wasn't around for a while, she did a pretty good job beating up on Barry. Not quite good enough though, considering the damage done to his wallet which neither have us have been able to prevent... =)
  • Jimmie recently transferred to Berkeley, joining the rest of our brethen there. He, Majed, and Savvas actually share a house, which is pretty cool. Erik and him do a lot of stuff together- I can't hang with the mountain biking they do. He seems to like it up there, as hard as Erik and I worked to try to persuade him to come to UCLA... *sigh*
  • Majed is the resident geek up in Berkeley, along with Constant. Between the two they probably pack enough computing hardware to embarass most small nations, and between the three of us we could probably cripple the world. =) He's also got a good world view, and provides an interesting balance to all the noisy protesters out there who support Israel. hee hee hee. (common sense people!)
  • Nick is a video game addict... and an AD&D addict... since Erik and Pete live with him, I'm amazed we all have yet to fail out of school. Hours and hours are wasted away debating politics and computer gaming and BBQing... mmm, appreciating a good steak is a rare talent indeed...
  • Pete is one of Erik's friends from high school who came to UCLA too. He's an engineering reject like Nick and I are, too. : He's also got an incredible tolerance for alcohol- drinking with him is definitely bad-juju if you plan to stay sober!
  • Rachel just graduated from Berkeley and is working for Compaq now. If you need to go clubbing, take her along. She can dance.

These people are a bit more of a challenge. Opposing class schedules, voicemail tag, or whatnot... but there's still around on a regular basis!

  • Aaron is one of Erik's friends from high school. He's pretty crazy about computers... I think I got him into case modding, too!
  • Alex is a crazy CS major who I'm not quite sure how Barry met. She's cool, if a little loony... I never knew you could plot so much against your siblings!
  • Anil, whom Helma bugs regularly for not calling. :p
  • Billy, earlier one of Thomas' roommates... he's now living with Cheston, I think. Between the two of them there's a pair of supercharged Maximas and a closet full of Maxima parts. hehe! Also known as the gentle giant on Cheston's web page, I think.
  • Carley, Sophia's roommate. Cool person to hang around with, although we never did much. Heck, I don't even see Sophia much these days.
  • Cheston, owner of Maximadriver.com... and totally obsessed with his Maxima as far as I can tell. He's cool, but we talk so much about cars that I'm not sure what else he does!
  • Dave, aka Hairless Dave who is super-flexible. Fun guy to hang around with and he can debate politics too. (I'm surprised I'm not totally sick of politics yet!)
  • Diana went to the same HS that Barry and I did. Haven't talked to her too much lately... she needs to transfer to UCLA already so we can hang out!
  • Jen is another friend from high school who's at Berkeley now. Formerly known as Dodo#3 back in the Fyzx Crew days (man... how long ago was that?!?!?!??), she's still a little whacked.
  • Joel we don't see too much of anymore. Between his GF and Alpha Epsilon Pi, he's disappeared! Ack!
  • Kim is a bio/classics (I think it's bio?) double major. Kinda cool. Unfortunately our schedules don't mesh too well either, so I rarely see her.
  • Margaret I met my 2nd year in the dorms, where she promptly burned popcorn in Erik's microwave and made the floor stink for a week. No, we won't ever let you live that down! hahaha... I don't see much of her these days either.
  • May is a friend from high school, doing biology... or was it pre-med? Very smart, but again our schedules don't match well so I never see her either!
  • Michelle I know from middle school. She's at UCSC right now going through her own little crazy life. I hope she's doing well! Crazy schedules for everyone aren't conductive to communication! (are you seeing a theme here? You should be!)
  • Mike is one of Pete's friends... and one of the half-dozen Mikes I know. I don't know too much about him, but he's one of the longest-time part-time students I know of at UCLA. =)
  • Pearl is a long story. I met her freshman year, yet never got around to actually knowing her until recently. Oops, why I did I put it off for so long?
  • Sherry went to school with me back home for a while... seeing her here at UCLA was quite a surprise!
  • Sophia was someone I also met at orientation. Had two classes with her first quarter and we've been in touch ever since.
  • Thomas is a friend from high school. He hooked me on Erasure... and started me on raving, back when it was cool. Eek, that was a long time ago!