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Old HS People

People from high school who don't go to the same college as I do. This includes more than a few people who were once part of the Fyzx Crew ("Physics") which no longer exists. Actually it's a good thing we all didn't go to the same college... if we did, well, we'd probably end up taking over the dorms or something.... muhahahahahahaha.

BTW, Fyzx Crew members... An, Andrew, myself, Cuong, Diana, Ha, Huong, May, Nguyen, Phuong, Spencer, Thanh, Theresa, Thomas, Tiffany, and Vi. As for the story behind Fyzx Crew, go read the webpage for Fyzx Crew...

  • An, who's disappeared off the face of the planet as far as most of us know.
  • Alice, who's going to UC Davis right now. Did some volunteer work with the same group she did, but I didn't know her all that well. As long as she isn't cow tipping at UC Davis I'll probably recognize her. :)
  • Angela, who... well she sends out pretty weird e-mails like most Humanities students from my high school. She's going to a college in LA whose name I can't remember...
  • Bernard was one of Barry's friends. He's a nice guy, althouh we need to teach him how to dance... no idea what he's doing right now since he was a year behind me, and I relied on Barry to keep in touch with those people. Whoops.
  • Christine is another strange Humanities student. Strange from the perspective that she's not a sociopath like Kim and I... :) Umm wait that's not what I meant. Well, she's going to Princeton so that shows how intelligent she is.
  • Christine (yes, two Christines) was part of Chinese Club like I was and played an excellent game of badminton. She's at Davis too... and as long as she's not cow tipping...........
  • Cuong, a really weird guy whose idea of "on-time" is an hour late. He got into Georgetown, though, which is pretty impressive. He's turned pretty radical at Georgetown though... he was relatively clean back here and now... well.... don't ask. He was once one of the more interesting members of "Fyzx Crew" to have around. :)
  • Daniel, gimp. No, there's no offensiveness there- he flaunts it!
  • David, fellow Chinese Club officer and now at UCLA! Another badminton player........
  • Erwin was in the same magnet program I was in high school. Good friends with Takahiro and Terence (two friends who also go back to middle school with me) so it was almost always cool to hang around with him. Little more daring in some aspects too, which kept things interesting.
  • Greg, a total die-hard sci-fi freak. Nowadays he's even more extreme in some areas, but his moments of being annoying have decreased so I take it for a good thing!
  • Hien, a.k.a. "dodo jr" or dodo #3. She's whacked... she was in the same English Honors/Humanities classes as most of us were, but she had some friends I didn't know because she kinda-sorta disappeared too. Hmm maybe she went to go hang around with shorter people because she was tired of wearing heels to even out the height difference. =P <j/k>
  • Ha now goes to SCU and has disappeared- I've seen her maybe once in the past year. Still seems like a nice person, but again where she goes outside of SCU is a mystery to me!
  • Hoang Le disappeared some time before Fyzx Crew itself ended. Dunno.
  • Jennie, who was an exchange student in Germany for a year (`96-`97) even though she didn't even know German before! I don't get it... another whacked person though. Haven't seen much of her since we goto different colleges, and I don't think she checks e-mail much if at all.
  • Jimmie was also an exchange student in German last year, although he actually took German before and is fluent in it (I think). He was really annoying back in middle school, but he's matured and isn't that bad of a person now. Going to UC Berkeley now, despite all of the stuff that Erik and I showed him at UCLA!
  • Jimmy, who did some stuff for Chinese Club, shot a good game of pool, and is going to... uhh... ok, I can't remember what college. I do see him occasionally when I go back though, so he's either still in SJ or at a UC. Note I know lots of Jimmies... this may not be the same one you are thinking of.
  • King, who was once part of B-Villa crew along with Nancy, Veasna, Spencer, and a few others... He's at SCU now, doing what I forget. I think it was engineering, but he mentioned something a year or so ago about doing good at english classes and not his engineering classes. Ouch.
  • Lily, who was in Germany as an exchange student (`97 to `98)- yes, my high school is famous for sending students to Germany for a year on a US Congressional/German Bundesstag (sp?) scholarships. She was cool when I knew her, but I'm not too sure about now since by the time she came back from Germany I was working and then off to college.
  • Mike, was on the tennis team. Umm yeah... he's at Cal State Hayward I think.... someone tell him to go to a real school, damnit!
  • Nancy, who went out a lot and still pulled a 4.0.... she's not exactly a typical student, but that's good in her case because she still got into Cornell!
  • Nguyen has disappeared into the pit known as UC Irvine...
  • Oliver Gysel, one of Greg's fellow LAN gaming junkies. Goes to UC Davis now and I don't hear much from him.
  • Phoung (1 of 2, who was involved with Chinese Club and has now totally disappeared. Never knew her that well though.
  • Phuong- she's whacked, just like some other members of Fyzx Crew were :) She's disappeared as well.
  • Ricardo Juarez, a fellow Space Tech Magnent student. I think he's with the Air Force now.
  • Savvas, another valedictorian like Christine (@ Princeton) if I recall correctly. Also seems to have disappeared at UC Berkeley. I think Cal is really a powerful brain-attracting magnet and not a school...
  • Mr. Shinn, who isn't even a student, but a teacher (turned counselor)! However, he was once the Chinese Club advisor, back when Physics Crew controlled Chinese Club. =) He's "adopted" a bunch of us as his sons and daughters. :) I think Andrew is son #2, I'm son #3.... :)
  • Spencer is a bad-*ss game player. We knew he was pretty good back in HS, but now I'm hearing that he is winning the ocassional tournament and stuff. Eek!
  • Suky, who's at UC Berkeley right now. Very smart and very involved with the Chinese Club plays and stuff back at IHS. Have had very little contact with her... as you can see now, when you know so many people it's very hard to keep in touch... although I'm not even sure if she answers her e-mail so maybe that's a problem too. =
  • Suzanne, Badminton player and part of the Chinese Club. Fairly quiet life unlike some of us!
  • Thanh... someone who hasn't quite figured out that sleep is more important than school, but maybe that's changed...?
  • Theresa was really cool with Barry and Andrew and myself before... she's pretty busy in college right now so connecting with her is a pain. Barry was better friends with her than I was though, so I'll let Barry do the planning if she ever comes down. I would put her in another section, but the "Friends..." section above is really just a rogue's gallery so this is the best spot... :) Aka dodo #2 too.
  • Tiffany started disappearing from Fyzx Crew before it ended as well. She's one person who I haven't seen in years... literally.
  • Veasna... part of B-Villa crew back when his class was there (c/o `97) and a good dancer. Don't know much else about him.
  • Vi used to be an IRC addict, somewhere inbetween Fyzx Crew's start and then her disappearing into work and college, or work and pool, or something. Aka dodo #1... she was very, very whacked when we kept in touch with her.
  • Winston, Nancy's younger brother. I knew him in middle school, and well... like me he's changed a lot... was going to UC Berkeley, now I'm not sure anymore.