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Everyone. Almost.

Some people from high school who are now going to the same college I am, new people from college, et cetera. Some I know well, some I don't, some... well... I have no idea! Lots and lots of people I've met!

  • Amanda is a family friend who spent summer `01 in San Jose. Needless to say we hung out for a bit, simply for the lack of anything better to do. She went with me to see Area:One and got a quick introduction to the wonders of New Order. =)
  • Andi is a former Maxima owner who now has a bad*ss Supra. Another very intelligent CS major. By the time I was a second year in college, he already had two degrees in CS!!
  • Andi is one of Barry's friends. Haven't talked to her too much lately, but she was pretty cool when we did hang out. (yes, I know more than one Andi... more than six Mikes... more than xxxx... you get the idea!)
  • Anita, who I met like twice before coming to UCLA, graduated in econ before everyone else I knew, and is now at Stanford doing education. Very, very hard worker!
  • Ben is actually Mike's apartment-mate. I don't know how they know each other or why they are still roommates, but whatever works. Ben appears to think that the design school at UCLA is the hot stuff-- I'm told it's pretty good-- but since I'm not a design major and I know people in better schools... sometimes I wonder why he's screwing around here at UCLA. muhahahahahaha....
  • Christina is a neighbor from freshman year in the dorms. She's nice, but she borrowed our phone alot and never gave anything in return, really, so we started charging for phone usage. =P
  • Divaker is a neighbor from last year and introduced me to Mike. He parties, drinks, and is generally pretty nice. I don't claim to understand him though and never will. Which is a good thing because I probably wouldn't be able to comprehend it anyway!!!
  • Grace is Carley's roommate. I ran into her fairly often on campus a few years ago! Aside from that I don't know much about her.
  • Kim went to the same high school I did... don't know too much about her though (yes, more than 1 Kim from my HS...) since she was one year ahead of me.
  • Jimmy is one of Barry's friends from high school back home. They dominated tennis in high school. hehe. Both drive Integras, too.
  • Linda is one of many of my high schools' class of `99 members I know. Ended up at UCLA too, so she's at the right school at least!
  • Maggie is Teresa's sister. Along with Teresa, she's part of Thomas's social circle. Lots of fun to be around, I think. Being an apartment dweller I don't see any of them too often.
  • Mickey is one of Kim's friends and somehow kinda-sorta part of Thomas' social circle, I guess. I don't know, too confusing.
  • Michael had even more belt pouches than I do. Definitely needed RL help back in high school, but since going to UCLA I think he's gotten smarter. :) His math ability is awesome as well... I need to steal some of it from him. hehe.
  • Mike is one of Divaker's friends. He talks too much though. =P Thought he was going to get stuck with a Ford Escort, but the punk really got a Ford Explorer... but I suspect he already knows that he's a poseur anyway. =p
  • Patrick is one of Jimmy's friends, and another early graduate like Andi from UT. Crazy programmers... they must breed 'em down there in Texas!
  • Priscilla I first met when we were going to a rave, which was, well, weird. Not as talkative as some other people though, and I'm still not sure who she hangs around with. Knew my suitemates in the dorms my second year-- very weird!
  • Quyen is another person I met through Thomas... she does stuff for UCLA Housing so she gets to stay in the dorms. Beware of her dorm... craziness lurks within (messiness too). :)
  • Su Hu is someone who I met first year... then lost contact with. (wow, that tells you how old this web page is!)
  • Tabitha is also someone I met at the Sproul dance last year, Su's roommate. (ditto on the age of this webpage)
  • Tanya is a neighbor from freshman and sophomore years.
  • Teresa is one of Thomas' friends. Very entertaing as well, maybe more so than her sister, but I'll probably never find out the real stories behind all those weirdos, er, people. :)
  • Yanson is one of Thomas's friends. I don't know much about him, but he seems like a cool guy. IIRC's part of the band Thomas's Apartment too.
  • Yoshi is a neighbor from first year. Another nice person... good to know there are so many at UCLA.