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Real Friends

There are people who I meet one year and lose contact with afterwards. Those things happen, but there are always a few people who stick around year after year and who are worth knowing. After a while, you realize how important these people are and that's that. You can count on them, you can believe them, you can trust them... it's not the same for every person like this, but... it's rare and special when you do. It's like having them hardwired in your brain, which I find is a very good thing.

  • Barry, who's something of the third son to my parents. I've known him forever (for all the time here that matters anyway), and he's not weird or loopy or a dork like some of my friends. He's a dork too... but just in a different way. Maybe it's the Lambda Phi Epsilon brainwashing or something, but that can't be it-- he hasn't been a Lambda long enough! He's reliable and he does know what's up, which is what matters.
  • Erik, who's the second son to my parents. He, too, has been around basically forever. His dog even knows where I live when we take him on walks back home. He's always informed of what's happening around the world, since he's fascinated with econ/polisci- he actually enjoys talking about classes, which can be pretty disturbing at times when you thought you were home on vacation! He's got a passing interest in computers, video games, and some other stuff though, so between the two of us we're always able to throw some interesting conversation. He's also got a side career as a secret agent, I think- or an incredible vanishing act at times.
  • Gina, my little sis. She's no longer as naive as she used to be, but I think college should break her in just fine if she's careful. Out away from the little world of high school now was a big change for her.
  • Heather, who's the best friend in the wrong place. =( She's got a unique perspective on things... and if I'm really screwed up for whatever reason, she knows me well enough to smack me around and set me straight when I need it. She's not shy about being right. Now I just wish I could see her more often than once every zillion years or so. Keeping in touch has been tough at times, but it's been worth it. =)
  • Helma, who's listed here because she's literally always there. Seems that she and Erik spend lots of time together, so... well, I see her more than most and sometimes end up as a sounding board between the two. It works out pretty well though, and it means there's someone else to beat some common sense into Erik when he needs it!
  • Huong has been lost at college for some time now. A couple of cell phone numbers later and I think I can finally get in contact with her every once in a while, when her life isn't too busy with school and work. Rumor has it that she and Andrew are siblings, but I cannot confirm or deny that statement. If you don't know, too bad!

Somewhere along the line, Andrew, Philip, and a few others got lost. They've been relocated to the appropriate sections now...