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CaseAce GearGrip Pro

geargrip in action

What it is: A computer carrier.

Why: That I don't know. For you LAN partiers, it should be worth the money.

Where: CaseAce.

The GearGrip is a neat little toy for those of you who don't move your computers often. I, for example, move my PC maybe four times a year. Even loaning it out to other friends who are moving back and forth to and from college with me, that's maybe eight or sixteen times a year-- might be worth it, might not. For you LAN party people-- it could be invaluable.

As the website for CaseAce shows, the GearGrip has a side pocket which can fit your entire computer-- keyboard, mouse, network cable, headphones. It works! There's even two cable loops for more cables. The handle is reinforced with a piece of metal at the top so the straps always stay the proper distance apart as well, and the inside straps are lined with the fuzzy part from velco to protect your case. Even the clips are properly angled; hardware quality is top notch. Very, very nice!

Geargrip exposed

I just wish I had a use for the damn thing.

Without much occasion to use it, I've only hauled my Chenbro Junior up and down a flight of stairs a few times, two friends' PCs and some boxes. I've got a GearGrip in the large size, and it fits very well on both a Chenbro Junior and an Antec KS-280. Computers aren't the easiest things to carry, but the GearGrip does carry them securely and with a minimum of fuss, which I like. The plastic feet on the Antec KS-280 used were removed and the Chenbro Junior had its feet folded inward without any ill effect. The GearGrip is also flexible; it's advertised as a computer product, but after you've unpacked your computer, it's still useful. The shoulder strap and handle are well-built and comfortable, and the plastic clips are VERY secure. I can't say much more than that though-- the equipment is definitely good, but you'd better have a strong shoulder if you're going to carry your PC more than a thousand or two thousand feet, simply because of the weight distribution of a PC.

What computer?

After unpacking the PC on that particular trip, the GearGrip was used to carry up some boxes. The large size had straps that were just long enough to fit around an HP printer box and 4 other boxes. Sweet! Due to the size it was much more difficult to carry than a computer, but along with strange looks for carrying up a stack of boxes hanging from my shoulder, it was very useful.

Antec KS-280 and Chenbro Junior

So. If you're a LAN party regular, this may be worth the money. A GearGrip minus the side pocket is probably more useful for moving or perhaps for the IT department. An important item to note: It's just a PC carrier. It relies on tension and carefully adjusted straps to keep your PC in place when moving-- so all it really comes down to is a handle with a set of pockets (on the Pro). Don't expect to do amazing things with your PC, except carry it in whatever position you installed it on your PC.

It's built well, but it's not for everyone. I just can't find a convincing use for it!