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CasEdge 3400T

Purely unintentionally, a friend wanted me to build him a computer this past Christmas... I had my choice of towers to pick for him, and I decided since so many people on Ars Technica's Forum seem to like it, I decided to try it out.

It is a very nice case. Fit and finish is on par with my Chenbro Genie, which tells me that while my Chenbro is nice, it needs work on the fit and finish in order to be the ultimate case. :) The removal of the side panels is not as convenient as I would like-- it is very quick, but doesn't always make sense (pop bezel, then the screw is on the BACK of the case?), but the drive rails are very, very slick. The HD cage is fairly nice, but I prefer Enlight's HD solution.

The front of the case is decent, but the metal (for EMI) 5.25" panels are not reusable. Fan intake is decent, but the fan intake on the bezel needs work. The rear 60mm fan mount seems to be an after thought... However, in a $60~$80 case this is definitely an excellent case.

For overclocking though, I am not sure I would use this case. The Enlight 7237 OM3 (3-piece cover) has somewhat better ventilation and much more potential, at least IMHO.

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