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October 30, 2001

Rain! One drop falls from

Rain! One drop falls from the sky and the entire city goes to hell. Got out of class at 12:50pm and it was raining... immediately took the bus home to grab an umbrella, since I had a pretty long break. Barry was actually home, so we grabbed something warm and yummy-- pho-- for lunch, then I headed back to campus. Tonight... just saw The One... it's a "meh" movie. Fighting, it's sufficiently obvious when Jet Li is fighting himself that it bugged me. Story was painful as usual. However, the rest-- fighting and more fighting-- was pretty good. If you can ignore the story, I'd say you're set pretty well on the path to an enjoyable movie.

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October 28, 2001

Party is winding down. Midterms

Party is winding down. Midterms last week... continuing on to this week mean that people have to go to bed early. Sad!

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Halloween Party @ Erik's. Slow

Halloween Party @ Erik's.

Slow start, but we're finally moving!!!! =) Just voted for best costume right now. Someone walked in and Nick and I totally didn't recognize her...!!!! (heck I'm not sure anyone did =) )

Alicia just won!!!

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October 27, 2001

Woah.... CRAZY game. Could we

Woah.... CRAZY game.

Could we make any more mistakes?

Still wildly entertaining... but the last Stanford TD... AUGH!!!!!

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UCLA vs. Stanford game... this

UCLA vs. Stanford game... this is sick... why the hell am I watching this? I wanna go back to bed!

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October 26, 2001

Parking tickets suck. "No parking-

Parking tickets suck. "No parking- street cleaning Friday 8AM-10AM". Ok, that's fine. I head back to my apartment at 9am... NO PARKING SPOTS available.

But wait.

The street has already been cleaned. They've already issued parking citations to everyone who's been parked illegally.

If I run inside to my apartment for 30 minutes to shower and unpack books (so I can look decent when going to class, although I'm still not feeling decent... and not bring extra books around with me) they won't be big enough assholes to cite me, will they?

HAH! Nice dream...


Parking enforcement = revenue generation.


I look at the cross street. Yep, they got at least 6 other people there too. Fuck'n A.

Well... it's a risk. And it reinforces my belief that parking tickets are just a mindless source of revenue generation.

Plus, I had to listen to a very liberal environmentalist today in one of my classes. What was the prof thinking? If he was going to tell us about the composition of forests, well this environmentalist idiot didn't know forests any better than the average student did. Why the hell was he in there wasting my time?

Oh well... not a serious lost. Just a waste of 50 minutes of my time! At least I got my stats midterm grade back today... aced it. =) Not a perfect score though. DAMNIT! =) hehehehehe...

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October 23, 2001

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys - A Different Point of View
Midterm tomorrow... ugh... don't want to study... so I guess while I'm stalling, I'll mention that Gina came down to visit this past weekend. First time in 4 years! Went to an Ars Technica meet, was halfway home when I found out I needed to pick Gina and 2 of her friends up back in Pasadena. Of course, I didn't take 210 to get there, I took 110 since I was at USC dropping a fellow Ars'er off. Proceeded to get hideously lost trying to find them-- no map, bad directions, whatever... spent an hour driving around. Yikes! Upshot is, I know downtown Pasadena pretty well!

Took Gina and her roommate Julie around to 3rd Street in Santa Monica, then back to Noodle Planet in Westwood for dinner with Nick, Pete, and Pete's friends. Back to Nick and Pete's place afterwards, then it was bedtime... because my sis and her friends took the Cal rooter bus to get to the Rosebowl. 5:45am wake-up to drop them back off by 7:30am. It sucked! Lots of trouble for a visit that wasn't even 24 hours long!

But yeah. It was a good weekend, if crazy and unproductive (what homework? oops!). And 405 at 6:30am, with no traffic and me at 80mph was pretty damn weird. =)

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October 20, 2001

Currently playing: Limp Bizkit -

Currently playing: Limp Bizkit - Mission Impossible II theme
Oh yeah. I was going to go up to Van Nuys tonight. I'm very glad I didn't.

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Currently playing: Bloodhoung Gang -

Currently playing: Bloodhoung Gang - Bad Touch
Scrubbed down the bathroom today, just to remind myself that I don't live in a filthy pigsty. I really, really need to think about moving out sooner rather than later... before, moving out in December after finals didn't sound too bad. It'd be so much more comfortable if I did move though.

Also, Maxima side mirrors are pretty durable. ***cringes*** don't ask...

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October 16, 2001

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Get Ready (album)
Awwwwwww yeah. Just finished the rest of the week's homework for one class, and NEWORDERGETREADY is actually pretty good...

Life is good... until tomorrow when I have to be on campus for 10 hours. =(

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October 14, 2001

Still reading... ugh... then again

Still reading... ugh... then again I'm actually studying. =)

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Currently watching: I have absolute

Currently watching: I have absolute no idea...
Whatever's on after (Star Trek:) Enterprise. I think it's Relic Hunter. Ugh.

Anyway, I saw New Order's Crystal music video on MTV on Friday.

It was boring and kind of stupid. A camera watching New Order play instruments, then finally New Order getting mobbed at the end. What was the point?

Then again, it beats paying $50 or $80 to watch New Order do the same thing live... =)

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Currently playing: Paul Oakenfold- Live

Currently playing: Paul Oakenfold- Live in England 1999- Garbage - Milk
Aside from laundry last night, there was a party for one of Pete's friends. Not too many pictures from that since my digital camera batteries were almost dead, plus I didn't really know anyone. Had lots of cheap sushi though. Mmmm. =) (yes, I know I'm pathetic!) Back to reading right now... why the heck am I still enrolled in a class that assigned 150 pages of reading in one week? <grimaces>

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Currently playing: Nelly Furtado -

Currently playing: Nelly Furtado - Turn off the Light
Doing laundry. Will post more later. Just bored/busy...

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October 09, 2001

Currently playing: Staind - It's

Currently playing: Staind - It's Been A While
Looking at WTC pics again... it's still impressive. Anyway, swapped Cheston's rims back to his car again... so now both of our cars are no longer ghetto. =) Also ordered Porterfield R4S brake pads all around for my Maxima, hopefully that'll solve the squeaking brakes problem.

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October 08, 2001

Let me be blunt. Bombing

Let me be blunt. Bombing in Afghanistan has started. Let's hope a clear military goal is present and that politics don't screw this up.

3AM... I need sleep... also, plenty of stuff to do tomorrow. Good news is that I have food in the refrigerator and on the shelf now, so I actually can have breakfast and dinner. =) Bad news is, with all the activity this weekend I've been neglecting the apartment search a little too long. Also, that I'll only get 5.5 hours of sleep tonight. *sigh* Livable, but not ideal... And whoever has the red Integra down the street, why couldn't you have pulled 3 feet further forward when you parked? Last night you were parked so that I could fit behind you last night... but tonight, I saw an empty space... parked, looked outside. Crap!! Fortunately I found parking less than a minute later. It just annoys me to see parking spots being wasted since we are parking-space-starved around here.

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October 06, 2001

Just got back from SoCal-SERCA

Just got back from SoCal-SERCA Dyno Day #6. Supposed to start at 8am at R&D Dyno... a bunch of Hyundai Tiberuon (sp?) guys showed up at 7am and took the first bunch of spots on the dyno. Then Darren, the owner of R&D, got there a little late... by the time we started it was past 8:30am. Things went pretty smoothly despite the slow start. I think it was 25 cars that were put on the dyno, plus repeats for more extensive testing.

Stuff of interest:

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October 02, 2001

Currently playing: Duran Duran -

Currently playing: Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf
This is scary. I just finished a homework assignment due this Friday. I could have finished it in 10 minutes if it wasn't for the fact that the last problem had around a hundred data points to plot. I'd finished all but the last problem by hand, then said the heck with it and did it all on the computer... which meant it took me nearly an hour to do.

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October 01, 2001

Currently playing: Erasure - Because

Currently playing: Erasure - Because You're So Sweet
Completely does not fit my mood right now... I just finished some reading for two classes and am looking for two missing Jamba Juice coupons. :- Somehow today at Jamba Juice, a $0.50 coupon turned into a $2.00 coupon. I was happy. =) (now where are my other two coupons??)

I was getting ready for bed when I realized I didn't have class until noon tomorrow. Now I can.. uhh... do more homework? Nah. =)

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