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July 28, 2005

When I Grow Up

You don't have to stop seeing concerts. It's a happy home for me. Although my wallet isn't feeling quite so good... running around work all day with Why Do You Love Me in my head is rather amusing. To me, at least. =)

Also, Grace's birthday pictures are up.

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July 25, 2005

Insignificant little things...

That's what my problems feel like compared to some of the other crap that I know's happening.

It's a sad way to get perspective, but when it comes down to it most of us have it pretty good. Plenty of gripes, a few serious issues for some, but nothing that truly inhibits you.

All from The Lounge on Ars.

There goes my military career! - Vyperfyre; didn't report to post to be at his friend's deathbed... sounds like he'll be able to work it out, but it still sucks.
My daughter is paralyzed, and I am lost. - Matisaro; this one's just... =(
I'm in a bad spot right now. - weich; poor planning. Umm. Yeah. He'll survive too. =P
Somebody I knew casually shot himself yesterday - kippswanson; maybe not as sad as Vyperfyre or Matisaro's situations, but just as tragic.
So, looks like I have a tumor...Correction: make that Cancer, with a Capital C... - ranxerox; (need I say more?)
OMG KITTAN!!! [UPDATED 7/25 morning; no better] - cateye; as ridiculous as I think some people are about their pets, it's still sad.
Yeesh, more terrorist attacks? - chaisson21; can't forget the *sshattery going on around the world either...

So yeah, now that I've depressed the hell out of you, doesn't your life seem at least half-decent right now? I know mine does, relatively speaking! =P

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July 17, 2005

Lost cause...

Our friend Constant was difficult enough to find when we all lived together, back up at home.

Now that he's moved down to close to where I live, he's still impossible to find.

It sounds like the guys were right... Constant just exists in a slightly different reality than the rest of us. Which is okay, since we all exist in our own little realities. big dumb grin

In other news, Barry's birthday as well as UCLA Commencement 2005 pictures are up.

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July 07, 2005

London hit


Or... what's truly amazing is this:
"Something just went thud."

Posted on Ars Technica within MINUTES of the first blast. Fast reporting, BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, etc... take note. =o

Reports from my friends in London are a little thin, but Sam and CC just checked in before I left for work and they're both ok. The Ars Technica members I met back in May seem to be ok, too.

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