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July 23, 2004


NewScientist: Army rations rehydrated by urine

That's really cool, but kinda gross too... the "sandwich edible for 3 years" was pretty bizarre when I first heard about it, but this is another animal entirely. o_O

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July 20, 2004

Pictures! Pictures!

I have other stuff to do, but I did not want to delay this post any further... (apologies for the lack of presentation!)

Lexus "Taste of Luxury" event photos and extensive writeup. Good food, excellent driving courses, lots of cars to drive... and it was free!

Grace's birthday pics. Man, we're all getting old, we're no longer in school-- we're all working... so our birthday parties are just dinners half the time now, instead of crazy parties all night. *sigh* (well, the other half... hehe. *grin*)

SERCA National Convention 2004 car show pictures. Yes, this is from May. I know, I know. Hush.

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July 18, 2004


Laser guided bombs.

Isn't technology pretty damned nifty sometimes?

More on the Lexus Taste of Luxury event and some other photo updates in the morning, I hope.

Alex, thanks for the computer! It will be put to good use in the new company. (zero-budget startups have to scavenge for parts and beg free computers!)

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July 16, 2004

... to pasta...

Birthdays at Buci di Beppo (Carley's Birthday) and Islands (Alexis' Birthday), plus a BBQ at Viet's...

And one lone picture from Helma's "I haven't seen anyone in a million years so come celebrate birthdays and whatever" at Hollywood Canteen the same weekend. =P

*phew* Still more galleries to go up... the camera turned over the 7,000 picture mark this month...

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July 15, 2004

From fine wine to waffles

Barry's birthday weekend pictures are up.

T'was good to see Diana, since we hadn't seen her in a freakin' long time. Cheston, Fil, Jason Lai, and a bunch of others made it out, too. We provided Cafe Bizou with a big crowd of 20-somethings, including some loud, lowered cars to contrast with their standard fare of stately Lexus, Mercedes, and BMWs parked out front. big smilely

About the only person we missed was Huong. She and Jerry didn't make it to my birthday dinner, either. sad face

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Something about airplanes

(props to whoever catches that reference)

CNN: Southwest Airlines passengers find love in next seat

That makes me wonder, is Pearl just one among many who's met her husband-to-be on an airplane flight?

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July 06, 2004

The weekend...

I'll post pictures later. Nothing too interesting, since it was mostly family stuff.

Some random tidbits:
Small children find fireworks very amusing. Even the little "safe-n-sane" ones legal in parts of California.
Neighbors who spend 3x as much on fireworks as you are good neighbors to have. You get a really cool show for only 1/4th the money. big grin
There is such a thing as too much food. When I find out what it is, I'll post about it. My family certainly doesn't know what it is, though.
It's good to have family. Very good to have family.
Cramming in seeing so much family into a 3 day weekend is a bit crazy (of those 1100 miles, I drove 850 of them!).

Some passengers get nervous when you're driving down the freeway at high speed. Slow down, or only go that fast when the said passenger is taking her 2 hour nap. angel
The same passenger can actually sleep (probably not very well!) in my car. I was very impressed, considering how stiff my car rides. The fact that she had barely gotten any sleep was probably a factor, though. razz

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Still moving...

I still feel like I'm moving-- like sitting in a moving vehicle.

The fact that I travelled 1100 miles this weekend (by car) probably has something to do with it. =P

I'll fill in the rest later, too wasted right now... Pearl was excellent company on the drive north, but the extra 120 miles running around dropping her off/picking her up, in addition to the extra 250 miles for family stuff was just too much in too short a time. Ok, the lack of sleep might have had something to do with it, too!

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July 05, 2004

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July to those of us in the USA!

Hopefully this is a good weekend for everyone, celebrating our Independence Day with good company, yummy food, and fireworks! Hopefully not everyone is going to travel 1,000 miles by car this weekend like me! =P

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