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June 24, 2004

UCLA Graduation

Two more picture sets.

RSR GT2 Exhaust on Barry's Evo8.
UCLA Commencement 2004, SEAS and APIG graduations. Congrats to Barry, Alice, Kevin, Brandon, and everyone else for graduating!

More pics soon...

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June 21, 2004

SpaceShipOne flight successful!

SpaceShipOne flight successful! (CNN link)

Thanks to Alicia for spreading the news while I was away from CNN. =D

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June 18, 2004



Bej and Sophia's combined birthday celebration at Citywalk.

Brian's birthday at Curry House/Westwood BrewCo/Thomas's apartment plus a few pics from Nishant's birthday at BrewCo.

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June 11, 2004

Blue skies

One thing I miss from back home: blue skies.

We just don't get those very often down here. Too much smog. Brown and grey skies are pretty common. Blue? Far too rare.

I wonder how often they get blue skies in, say, London. That'd be really pretty...

(you can notice that in my Germany pics, too. Lots of nice pictures, but some of them would have been truly beautiful if we had clear skies instead of rainclouds!)

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June 03, 2004


People still make news of earthquakes this tiny in California? Unless it occurs right under them, most people I know sleep through anything including 4.5 and smaller!

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