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May 31, 2004


That was a good Memorial Day weekend. Too short and a bit too rushed for my taste, but it was good all the same. I do wish we had been able to get our acts together on Saturday night and meet up with a couple of friends who I skipped, but that's the only real regret. There was an additional group of friends who I also missed seeing (which makes me sad =( ), but they were supposed to be busy, so it's all good.

More later. I have some delayed picture updates that need to go up, too...

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May 24, 2004

New cars. Again. AGAIN!

Another friend just bought a new car, a Volvo S60 2.5T... damnit... people... you're really not helping me resist the urge to buy a new car...

Anyway. =P

It was a busy weekend. More later. Too tired to post it now.

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May 17, 2004

More new cars?

What the hell? Another friend just picked up a brand-new BMW 330Ci ($47k out the door w/SMG and options, holy crap!)... sheesh. A few weeks ago a friend bought an `04 TSX autotragic...

Funny, both of these last two friends both live at home, too. I guess if you're willing to live at home, you can afford fancy toys. I, personally, would rather apply the money towards buying my own house. We can deal with the fancy cars later. smiley

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May 16, 2004

Damnit. New car... NO!

Must... resist... urge... to... buy... Evolution 8...

Must... resist... urge... to... have... BOOST...

(damnit Barry, you're not helping me!!! Now hurry up and buy that downpipe already!)

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May 02, 2004

Remember Crimson Room?

Remember the Crimson Room?

The 2nd room is now finished... Viridian Room. Enjoy. =)

Viridian Room was harder, at least to me, than Crimson Room. Latter took me about an hour, maybe 45 minutes... Viridian Room took almost two and a half hours...

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