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November 18, 2003


Stillen Nissan Day pictures are up. Not very many of them-- since it got rained out by the time we got there!

Post-Stillen-Day carnage over at Viet's follows. Cheston and Billy came down to go to Stillen Nissan Day with Viet (since we're all Nissan/Infiniti owners now!)... and while I missed 'em at Stillen, I caught up with 'em for the rest of the weekend...

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Been busy over here. A good busy and a bad busy both. I'll post updates tomorrow, I hope...

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November 14, 2003

Is there such thing as too much work?

10 hour days for the last three days.

And this is only the FIRST week of the end-of-year rush. Are the remaining six weeks going to suck this bad too??

Some other stuff. Ars Technica polo shirt logos... very nice!

80's music quiz. I scored a pathetic 40.5! =( It shows how terrible I am with lyrics (1 line? I can't guess that) compared to a whole song, and even worse it shows how limited my music exposure really is-- considering I consider myself a huge synthpop fan! Admittedly synthpop is a small part of 80's music, and it really showed. =P

Stolen from Pearl's site: a link to Postal Service getting sued by the US Postal Service. Funny stuff! It should be resolved properly, I hope. =) Also, Pearl had a squirrel sightning on campus of one of the fattest squirrels I've ever seen!

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November 04, 2003

Halloween pictures!

Take 1 and Take 2. First set from one of the infamous Apartment 306 potlucks, the second set from Alicia/Lauren/Cecile's place the night after. Good stuff!

Ok, back to studying for the GRE...

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November 01, 2003

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. =) Partied back at Apt 306 in Westwood today, lots of fun!

Anyway, pictures will be posted later.

I'd tell the stories now, but why? It's so much more fun with pictures!

And to the fucking retard in the silver Pontiac Sunfire who decided to merge into my lane 2" from my front bumper today, going SLOWER than I was and forcing me to slam on the brakes... thanks alot, fuckwit!!! Check your bleepin' mirrors once in a while!! Aaarrrrrgggghhh... stupid LA drivers, particularly when it's raining...

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