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August 31, 2003

Random quiz...

Saw this on Pearl's site... BTW, home is good. Too bad I'm leaving so soon!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Striding on the hotel lobby, clutching buzzsaw hand extensions, cometh Brian! And he gives a booming cry:

"Brace yourself, oh human speck of dust! I plunder until everything has croaked!!"

Find out!
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August 30, 2003

DSL... round 2?

New Westell modem received today, looks good so far. But the first one looked good for the first two days too, so we'll see how it goes.

Installed my new Antec TruePower550 powersupply today. Subjectively, slightly more quiet than my old Enermax EG465P-VE(FM), although only if you have your ear near the PS-- I can hear that the PS fans are much more quiet than the Enermax. To be honest the Enermax was pretty quiet when it was new too, we'll see how well the Antec holds up in a year or so as far as noise goes.

Voltage regulation looks much better on the Antec, though. Enermax was 4.71/11.94v on the +5v and +12v rails using my cheap DMM (MBM reported 4.89/11.73). Antec is reported as 5.03v/12.00v on my DMM and 4.92v/11.80v via MBM.

As for the MBM numbers, again, it's more proof that the on-board hardware monitoring chips on motherboards are of limited utility at best, garbage at worst.

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August 24, 2003

Westell DSL modem = paperweight

Still no DSL. Verizon is "diligently working to repair the problem" according to the tech I talked to today. *mad*

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August 22, 2003

DSL? Just kidding...

DSL went in on Wednesday... did I say Tuesday earlier?

Anyway, I've had DSL for a whopping day and a half now before it's broken-- my bloody Westell Wirespeed won't sync with the line.


40 minutes on hold with Verizon, 15 minutes politely going through the tech's pre-formed list of questions even though, quite clearly, there is something wrong with the line and your guys at the CO need to talk a look at it... and now I have a trouble ticket and "it should be resolved with 48 hours" promise.


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August 21, 2003

DSL at last. For real!

Yep, DSL went live yesterday. Amazing. Verizon screwed it up for more than 3 weeks, but finally got it working a week ahead of time.

Of course I picked up a cold this weekend, so I'm gonna go to bed. LOTS of updates later...

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August 16, 2003

DSL at last?

That's the rumor from Verizon... phone sales (techs couldn't help, they had to forward me to sales?!?!) said the 22nd. Got an e-mail a few hours later saying the 25th.

WTF? Well... ok... so by the 25th... sure... I hope!

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August 05, 2003

Wow. Job.

Wow. I got a job!

Good: I got a job! It ought become interesting soon...

Bad: it kinda sucks. I'm being "familiarized" right now with the production line, before I start my real job of engineering quality assurance, and it's boring as hell. I have a desk. I haven't actually ever sat in it. =( I don't know when I will sit in it. =(

Ugly: It's on a clock like a factory (it is a factory!) until I get off the production floor, and that sucks. Being 35 miles away from my friends sucks even worse, too.

Ah, well.. it's a job! And that's amazing enough. =)

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