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June 28, 2003

Home! Stuff...

Oh goodness. Home for the first time since March... to 100F weather ALL WEEK. AHhhhhhhhhh!!

Plus, Theresa's wedding in a few hours. CRAZY!!! Ok... more later... I need to get to bed so I'm not a zombie tomorrow!

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June 18, 2003

Graduation pictures!

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Check out the Gallery. Tons of new pictures from this past weekend - graduation weekend for the class of 2003 - are up!!!!

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June 15, 2003

Graduation Weekend, continued

Department graduation this morning. Good lunch with the family and relatives, plus Erik and Alicia. Bummed around for a bit at the Engineering graduation looking for Alex, but never did find her! =( Found some other friends though. =)

Hard to meet up with others for lunch-- Barry was at Nicole's graduation stuff, Kim, Pearl, Tara, Sophia, Dave, Joel, etc. etc. etc. were all busy with their own graduations or the graduations of our friends... it was similarly hard to meet with people for dinner-- family and family friends plus Alicia, everyone else was busy with their own relatives! Thanks mom and dad for coming down, and for dinner at Art Sushi tonight! SOOOO yummy!

The night's festivities were a little more tame than expected, never did make a preparty at Barry's place (sorry bro!)... Erik, Jason, Barry, Alice, Alicia, and Berner all ended up at Pearl's friend Jen's place with me, which was cool until we found out that Jen was trying to wind the party down (and not up!) to avoid pissing off her neighbors.

Good policy, just unexpected. Thanks for hosting us, Jen! Was still lots of fun, and aside from seeing Pearl again (another sighting of the rare Pearl), I got to see Amy for the first time in like a year too. Hooray!

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June 13, 2003


Oh my goodness. I do believe I'm actually done. Crazy!

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June 12, 2003

Birthday pics! And... I'm DONE!

Brian's birthday pictures are up!!

Man, it feels good to be DONE. And weird.

Yes comments are still a little broken. They DO work though so feel free to leave comments!

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June 09, 2003


Melissa and Ed's wedding reception.

Pictures of LA that I've posted to the Perpetual Photography Thread on Ars Technica. (WARNING: MANY IMAGES). You can see the full set of images here, albiet there's no index file or anything.

Ok back to studying... blah!! Finals stink! And yes, I'll fix the comments CSS stuff after finals. In the meantime they do work, it's just ghetto...

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June 06, 2003

Sophia's birthday photos

Sophia's Birthday dinner photos are now up. Enjoy!

As for me, I finished my very last day of class as an undergrad today. It's exciting, but also very sad... I'm closing a big chapter in my life very soon! Before the chapter closes though, it still has a couple of parting shots to take, namely finals and graduation. Ack!

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June 05, 2003

Potluck photos

Potluck photos from Pearl's friend Jen's place are up!

Yes I know, a Pearl sighting... Pearl showed up at Sophia's birthday party today too!!

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June 04, 2003

Thomas won!

T-mobile seesendshare contest. Thomas won!!!!!

Holy crap!!! SOOOOO EXCITING!!! 5 day trip for him and 5 friends to 5 destinations around the US, all expenses paid, via private jet. WOW!!!!!!!!!

(and no I'm not going, so don't ask for pictures from the trip from me!)

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June 02, 2003

Signs you're bored...

Cursed people who are already on summer break... oh well, have a look at the products of Ginny's boredom, specifically the .wav file...

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June 01, 2003

Bleh. Too busy!

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I would really love to have the CSS issues fixed and everything this weekend, but I have 2 projects due in 4 days and a host of other stuff to do.

You may have to suffer for a bit. My apologies! In other news, how do you make deadAIM log chatrooms? Hmm... more to figure out for next weekend...

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