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June 29, 2002

Currently playing: Depeche Mode -

Currently playing: Depeche Mode - Higher Love
Thuy's Birthday Lunch pictures are up. ZONC at the Blackhawk Museum w/Mr. K and the 350Z pictures are up. More coming, if I can catch some time to breathe...

Quick movie blurbs:
Minority Report: Good movie, if you can ignore the hype. There's so much hype, if you listen to it, you'll be disappointed. The first half is excellent, the second half is predictable.
Lilo and Stitch: Not especially frantic, which is good. Very entertaining even for those older than 12 years old, although my 5 year old cousin got pretty scared at times... lots of "bad kids" in this movie. Still lots of fun. Not a classic like Dumbo, though...
The Bourne Identity: Now this movie was very good. Didn't take itself too seriously though, so don't expect a Clancy-class spy flick. Still very good, and quite bad *ss at times.
The Sum of All Fears: Actually saw this one a month ago when it first came out, but never discussed it. It's a very good movie-- as far as action movies go it was excellent-- but if you're familiar with Clancy's books, you'll be doing what Dave and I did... banging your heads to the point of pain because the movies massacre the books so horribly.

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June 19, 2002

Currently playing: Modjo - Lady

Currently playing: Modjo - Lady
Yeah, crappy song, but the beat sure is catchy. Moving home was a pain. Still unpacking, actually. Life's just been crazy with all the graduations, unpacking, etc. etc. I have a pile of stuff in boxes, and I hope I remembered to take care of everything time-sensitive already. (meaning, I already unpacked it!)

(I'm quite surprised. I think Hotmail sent a near record with me today. 150+ pieces of unsolicted e-mail in under 20 hours. For comparison I average around 50 a day...)

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June 17, 2002

Currently playing: U2 - Zoo

Currently playing: U2 - Zoo Station
Congratulations, Erik! Econ/PoliSci double major... finally! =)

It's been a crazy weekend. Monday won't be much better, but at least things will calm down to their previous level of craziness starting Monday...

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June 16, 2002

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Turn My Way
Busy busy busy. Finals are done, graduations all weekened, plus I have to pack. *sigh* Before I forget- since I've forgotten for 5 days already: Brian's Birthday pictures are up.

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June 11, 2002

Currently playing: Sugarhill Gang -

Currently playing: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
Finals suck... thank goodness for my Art History 55A TA, though. (thanks Sean!) Going to pass the class no matter what, as long as you put in a solid effort... and oh my, I picked my brain for that class like you wouldn't believe. A GE really shouldn't kick your *ss like that, but that one did! =( Hell it kicked almost everyone's *ss from what I heard, although it was better than the midterm. *sigh*

Geography 155 is tomorrow. Not nearly as worried about that class, but unlike that nasty GE, I need an A in it since it's a major class. Time to go study some more, and home my tired brain doesn't crap out on me!

Fun link... `99 Maxima SEL auto w/NOS vs. `02 WRX stage 0. heh. From a light a stage 0 WRX would win, but from a roll-on the extra 40hp a WRX picks up from stage 0 isn't enough...

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Currently playing: Gin Blossoms -

Currently playing: Gin Blossoms - Pieces of the Night
I'm so tired right now, I'm forgetting what I was going to write... Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Dinner was nice, too bad it's finals week and we all had to run back to studying. *sigh* Uhh... Art History 55A is far too much work for a stinkin' GE... Mike and Agnes are on the front page of the 3rd section in the Daily Bruin today, congrats!! hehe... sweet! Umm... oh yeah,'s site layout stinks. No, I don't want a list of every work by this artist, could you please break it up into logical categories? Nope, evidently that's too hard for them...

Enough babbling. Back to work.

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June 08, 2002

... Congratulations on graduating, Heather!

... Congratulations on graduating, Heather!

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Currently playing: Puddle of Mudd

Currently playing: Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Helma's 22nd birthday pictures are up. The other two parties I was supposed to go to tonight... well I didn't make one, and the other was over by the time I was on my way there. Oops. Well, I get a little rest tomorrow too, but that's about it. More later... good night!

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June 06, 2002

Currently playing: The Crystal Method

Currently playing: The Crystal Method - Comin' Back (Future Mix)
Well I survived. I think. Grades are the question, of course. Geography 155 TA says all the essays for the entire class basically needed work and that the grades aren't pretty at all. I'm hoping that means everyone screwed up so if I got screwed, well I will still be at or above the average... my other three classes I'm not really worried about...

The updated Ars Technica System Guide is now up. Hooray!

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Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys - Home and Dry
Yeah, it's a good song worth repeating. =) So close to being done with homework and papers this quarter... so close... and yet not quite done. Waking up in the morning is going to be an exercise in torture. *sigh*

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June 05, 2002

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Someone Like You
Got up at 5am yesterday, 4am today... I've switched from staying up all night to getting up super-early... hopefully tomorrow morning is the last day of this madness... more like hopefully it's today, but let's be realistic...

We're having the time of our lives
We're lost in a cruel paradise

(sounds like 10th and finals weeks, doesn't it...? College is great, but right now we're all suffering...)

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Currently playing: U2 - Walk

Currently playing: U2 - Walk On
I just had a really long nap... and my 2 papers didn't finish themselves while I was sleeping (not that I expected them to), so I think I have another all-nighter tonight. *sigh*

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June 04, 2002

Currently playing: Joy Division -

Currently playing: Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
I feel like I'm going to die... but yeah, that'd be too easy. Instead, I have 3 papers left to finish by, uh, tomorrow morning. I've been working since 5am this morning... I could have started/finished this particular paper yesterday evening, but the motiviation just wasn't there-- the subject matter doesn't interest me very much, and the paper itself isn't like anything I have written before. Ordinarily this might make it a learning experience, but I'd much rather be writing my geography assignments right now than an Art History one.

Oh, just for good measure, I met another Jen last night. I think that means I now know 14 Jen's... or is it 15? I think my brain is going to explode, I can't keep all these people straight!!!

Blah. Back to work, go home, take a nap, then write more papers... then again it's 10th week right now, so what else is new? Sleep is supposed to be scarce anyway. Not that it makes my fellow UCLA'ers or I feel any better about it...

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June 03, 2002

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife
Constant's Graduation Party pics are up. It's been a busy week otherwise...

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