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April 29, 2002

Currently playing: Depeche Mode -

Currently playing: Depeche Mode - Shake the Disease
Some friends in TX have been busy. DeAnne's new RSX Type S (aka RSX-S). Shing's new used `98 Integra GS-R. Al's continuation of his Project S14 240SX. The scary part is, how much cheaper cars are in TX. Shing paid $12.7k out the door for his `98 GS-R sedan 5-speed with 42,000 miles.

That means what we pay here in California is just gross. `98 GS-R's go for $11,500~18,000 here... (100,000+ miles to 40,000+ miles at that price). SCARY! Just for fun, I checked a few prices here in CA. $17k~21k for a 2000 Acura Integra GS-R, $18k~27k for a 2000 Acura 3.2TL. Shoot, $21k for a GS-R when you can buy a 3.2TL cheaper? It's a crazy, crazy world we live in!

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April 28, 2002

Currently playing: Alien Ant Farm

Currently playing: Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
A matter of perspective: overheard on the UCLA campus shuttle on Thursday:
"... they pay phatty bank, $9.45 an hour..." from two girls talking about jobs.

$9.xx an hour is pretty good for a campus job, but inside I was laughing my head off. $9.45/hour isn't even $20,000 a year. Rent on a studio here in Westwood is easily $12,000/year + utilities. $9.45 an hour simply ISN'T A LOT OF MONEY TO ME! Crazy, I say. Or maybe my world real is that different. Barry's making something like $13.xx an hour working on-campus, which is a hell of a lot better than $9.45... and come summer, people like Alicia and I who hold real industry jobs make upwards of $17~22/hour... and even in the real world $17/hour is only $35k/year, and that isn't that much!

I guess if all you need is spending money, $9.45 isn't bad if you don't have a car payment or tuition or anything. I guess my perspective is very different...

One more thing. Always wear your seatbelt! I didn't realize a certain passenger wasn't wearing a seatbelt in my car today. I made a turn late and consequently was going about 5-10mph faster than I would have normally; still a safe speed though... but she went tumbling across the backseat. Sorry about that, but you might want to assume you should always buckle your seatbelt!

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April 26, 2002

Currently playing: The Mystic Underground

Currently playing: The Mystic Underground - How Does It Feel To Be Adored
How did I miss this group before? It's kinda poppy 80's music with that happy synthpop beat... =)

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were kind of brutal from all the work I had due. I hope I did well on those assignments-- they were the first ones due for all 3 of those classes. If the prof doesn't like them, well then that's going to be my first clue I need to adapt to their required style of assignments. Here's hoping. As it is today, I didn't do much reading earlier... so I'm catching up. So much work! =( I've got some other stuff to do too, hopefully I'll get some of it done tomorrow...

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April 23, 2002

Currently playing: (nothing. lots of

Currently playing: (nothing. lots of keyboards clicking)
Well it only drove me nuts for 4 hours... I had "condemnation, revelation, in temptation, isolation..." and "in blue and black" stuck in my head since I woke up this morning.

And I couldn't remember the name of song, although I knew it was U2... Turns it it's Bad.

Quiz time:

You are Perl. Congratulations. You're chic and easy going. You can't do everything
but you're good at connecting with others to gelp you overcome this.
What programming language are you??

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April 21, 2002

Currently playing: Xecutioners featuring Linkin

Currently playing: Xecutioners featuring Linkin Park - Its Going Down
Sorry if I've been ignoring anyone lately. Been busy lately... being sick, taking care of necessary errands (e.g. grocery shopping), being sick, doing homework, being sick, finishing up a long-overdue case mod to Erik's case, being sick, doing more homework, being sick... you get the idea.

Finished up a hundred or so pages of reading but I still have a hundred left. And two analysis essays to write. =( I'd better get back to work...

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April 19, 2002

Currently playing: Stay With Me

Currently playing: Stay With Me (Guitar Mix)
Free Jamba Juice today at the Westwood location. I missed the ones at other Jamba's earlier in the week because of my morning classes (free smoothies are only in the morning!)... but I think I'll try to make one in Santa Monica tomorrow. =)

Oh yeah, I hate being sick. Mild cold... I feel mostly ok but the coughing and sniffles are really annoying. Standing in line at Jamba Juice... *thinking* "hmm she's really pretty. Let's talk to her..." then my body reminds me TRY NOT TO COUGH ALL OVER HER! heh. *sigh* Oh well. Need to get better first!

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April 17, 2002

Currently playing: Yaz - Only

Currently playing: Yaz - Only You
Well, nothing too exciting lately... hence, not much to blog about. My dad came to visit today (he's in LA on business), so he, Erik, and I had a nice dinner in Monterey Park. Umm... uhh... hmm what else... oh yeah, ran into Pearl today too. Chatted about stuff that probably won't make any sense to you reading this blog. = (siblings getting more spoiled than we do, concerts, relationships, a silly pearl tea ad, the police incident near my apartment, UCLA extension, whatever! See, I told you it wouldn't make any sense!)

*grrrr* It seems my Olympus 1450mAH AA batteries just died. =( Time to order new ones...

Ah well... back to work. When my new computer case gets here, maybe I'll have something else fun to blog about... but yeah, work... That's all this quarter seems like it is. *sigh*

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April 13, 2002

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Regret
Pre-Finals party + auto-x school pictures are up. Just got back from an Alpha Kappa Psi party... unfortunately we got there a little late, it was full of drunk idiots trying to start fights, and it was totally packed. Not even "mass of bodies swaying to the music" but "big huge mass of people" packed. Icky. Union last week was MUCH more fun...

Something funny, if you're interested: What Kind Of Asian Are You? As for me, I'm a mix of about half the categories there... plus, someone needs to tell the guy it's pearl tea (or boba), not bubble tea. Well it's obvious he's not from California. =D

Anyway, got work to do this weekend, still. Past 3am too, time for bed!

BTW Barry's been on a New Order kick, or so it seems. I am glad. =)

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April 12, 2002

Currently playing: The Cure -

Currently playing: The Cure - There Is No If...
Diana's Visit pictures are up. More later, too busy to comment right now...

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April 09, 2002

Currently playing: Alphaville - Red

Currently playing: Alphaville - Red Rose
Heck I'm not even sure why this song is on my playlist. Anyway, Ski Trip pictures are up. It was a busy weekend or else I would have had these up sooner... went clubbing at Union in downtown LA on Saturday. Lots of fun, not super-packed but still plenty of people, and a pretty good crowd!

Went to the UCLA Hammer Museum today for one of my sections, checked out the photo exhibit on African photographers... pretty neat!

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April 07, 2002

Currently playing: Morrissey - How

Currently playing: Morrissey - How Soon is Now
Well crap, I'm finally about to go to bed and it looks like the sun is coming up- the sky is an overcast grey instead of pitch black. I figure I might as well stay up... =P

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Currently playing: Puddle of Mudd

Currently playing: Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Just got back from Union (@ Grand Avenue in Downtown LA) and Monterey Park... t'was lots of fun. Not super-packed but quite crowded, and plenty of hotties. Heck plenty of people Barry knew too, we'd be moving from place to place and all of a sudden 2 or 3 or 5 or more new people would join us! Not bad. =) Not that I hit on girls at clubs, either, too much skin to distract me and no chance at all to examine the personality. =)

Gotta do homework tomorrow. Done with reading for one class and most of another class, but 2 classes to go. *sigh* The "spring forward" part of daylight savings time isn't going to help me out either, it's 5:15am when it should be only 4:15am according to my body! I'm going to miss that hour of sleep! *sniff* *sniff*

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April 04, 2002

Currently playing: Depeche Mode -

Currently playing: Depeche Mode - Love in Itself
9:15pm: Diana, Linda, Ha, and Thao are on their way home from Los Angeles. Hope you all had fun (yes, even in Barry's living room!), and drive safe, kiddos! *ducks* (yeah, that's for making me feel old earlier. HAH!)
12 midnight update: They're on 152, everyone's favorite nasty freeway at night! (NOTE THE SARCASM!) Well bedtime for me. Night! =) Hope you all got home safe!

Been a great week- despite the usual issues with a new quarter- but two things are really pissing me off right now. Normally the 2nd thing wouldn't bother me, as contributing to the City of Los Angeles is something I do occasionally- but I'm really, really confused/upset/perplexed by the first thing and this second thing isn't helping. Maybe I'll figure it out later, and post a safe-for-public-consumption version later. Or not. (I could drive to pay my parking ticket in person tomorrow instead of blogging! heh... *sigh*)

Class again tomorrow... *sigh* I'll post pictures later.

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April 03, 2002

Currently playing: U2 - New

Currently playing: U2 - New York
Well, finally got to hang out with Diana- she's visiting Los Angeles with friends now... supposedly to tour schools, but from what they said they've only seen one, UCSD. Ha (sp?), Thao, Linda, and Diana all go to De Anza now (after graduating a year after Barry and two years after me) from Independence... and because De Anza is so odd, their spring break is this week. I guess they'd been hanging around with Barry before tonight, but I wasn't around. =) Went to Hollywood and Highland tonight, explored the monster shopping mall, saw actress Minnie Driver, walked the star walk, took pictures in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre, etc. They're leaving around 4 tomorrow so maybe we'll see them before they leave, but who knows- I end class at 1:15pm so I just know I'll be free.

Well, I think... Erik's little sister Katie is visiting right now (she's flying home tomorrow- I don't know when), my dad was in Los Angeles last night, and Michelle is in Los Angeles as well with her boyfriend. Too many people + just starting classes = too much going on!!!!

Err, oh yeah... while I'm here, skiing recap.

Left Sunday night for Berkeley, so we wouldn't have to get up so early to make it to Tahoe. We took 80 (instead of 50 like last time)- it's a much easier drive!! Went to Sugarbowl, where Erik and Laura snowboarded and Jimmie and I rented skis. Predictably (and painfully) I'd forgotten how to slow down, turn, and stop in the last year. First real wipe-out happened, too. Went up one of the lifts (Nob Hill? Or was that the easy one?) to an area of intermediate runs... discovered there were like 5 ways down the mountain. I took off after Erik when Jimmie said the slope he was on was pretty steep. Turns out the path Erik took led to at least 2 runs, and I took the "easiest" one while Erik took another one. Skied out of control about 100' down a (300? 400? 500? foot) slope, ROLLED and TUMBLED another 100 feet. Shed my beanine, ski googles, glasses, skis, and ski poles, basically anything that wasn't clipped or zipped shut. OW! Took while to collect myself, then tried to get my skis back on while on what seemed like a 45 degree slope. Finally another skier helped me ski down the friggin' slope, and an hour later, wet from snow EVERYWHERE, I made it down. Erik and Jimmie even talked to the operators at Sugarbowl about arranging a search for me. =P

Spent the night in Reno at the El Dorado (Nice rooms, GREAT deal we got for 2 nights!), Erik and Jimmie overstuffed themselves at the buffet. hehe... played a few games at Circus Circus, had some drinks, and went to bed. Next day we got up early and went to Squaw Valley USA. No one felt like carrying a camera that day either, so no pics- sorry! Erik skied and Laura snowboarded, and since they already owned their own equipment they took off to High Camp while Jimmie and I rented skis and I signed up for the first-time skier lesson (given my traumatic experience yesterday... I thought it was prudent!)

Got up to High Camp... still couldn't remember how to ski, but thankfully my ski lesson started shortly thereafter. =) I think there were about a dozen people in my ski lesson group- some Japanese tourists, a small African-American group, some other tourists, three 4th years from UC Berkeley, and myself... and the instructor, Billy. Cool guy, the entire class got the basics- I think- like kicking your heels out and attaching/removing your skis. Those drilling exercises really helped, as I was actually in control of myself the rest of the day. (woohoo!) Next drill... slowly ski down a super-gentle slope. A few of us make it all the way down and don't know where to stop so we keep going... while half the group gets bogged down at the top of the hill. GRRR! The Berkeley people and I took off back up the slope to keep skiing. "You've done this before so you can show us, right?" is what they said. Trusting Brian for ski instructions? Scary thought! hehe... but from what I saw at the end of the day they all did ok!

Made it up the lift without incident, saw our group still stranded on the slope... skied down again... ended up totally separated this time from Katherine and Jason and kept skiing with Cindy. Ran into Erik for a few minutes, too. *waves* Hi, Cindy! I think she did pretty well- fell a lot less than I did my first time. =) Finally found our instructor and (what remained of) our group at the bottom of the slope now, and, uh, we basically kept skiing and got a little advice at the end of the lesson and that was it. I hope she had fun, especially after sort of figuring out why she kept turning to the left. =P T'was fun. =)

Skied most of the remaining 2 hours or so by myself, trying to figure out parallel turns and stuff and realizing I enjoy skiing this time... now that I'm not totally out of control! Back to Reno... TGI Friday's (of all places!) for dinner and a few more drinks. Played some blackjack, ended up ahead $5. Then... packed up the next morning and left. I can safely say that it was a fun trip, but when I'm already tired, I don't need alcohol anywhere near me! As if skiing doesn't tire me out enough! hehe...

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April 01, 2002

Currently playing: Josette - In

Currently playing: Josette - In A Dream
Talk about old school. Heard on 94.9 today, all mixed together:
M:G - Sweet Honesty (Planet Hype Edit), Jocelyn Enriquez - Do You Miss Me (remix), Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head, Usher - Nice and Slow (remix), Vengaboys - We Like to Party... Crazy, huh?

FWIW, made it down in 4:57 covering 344.0 miles between San Jose and Los Angeles, no stops, at 25.0mpg. Not bad given the traffic, that I had the AC on the whole way, etc...

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